ArchiCAD Review

Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD is one of the golden age architectural CAD software which is still highly regarded, efficiently used and has a wide user base till date. It serves mainly as architectural software which offers its users unique solutions for handling most of their engineering and architectural2D/3D design processes and questions. ArchiCAD has successfully carved a niche in the building industry for itself and it currently boasts of approximately 150,000 active architects using it in the building industry as well as a large user base in other industries that require the use of CAD tools. Since its inception, ArchiCAD reviews have showered praise on it for been the first CAD product to grace the personal computer that had both 2D and parametric 3D designing capabilities. Newer versions have since been created and this review will serve as a guide to both old and prospective users of the ArchiCAD software.

ArchiCAD Review: The History

Graphisoft, officially released ArchiCAD in the spring of 1982 solely for use on the original Apple Macintosh operating system and it was equipped with both 2D and a parametric 3D geometrical feature which placed it at the forefront of CAD software at that time. ArchiCAD continued its tradition of setting the pace in 1987; an ArchiCAD review listed it as the first product to implement Building Information Modelling (BIM) capabilities in its virtual building concept. 30 years of operation has seen ArchiCAD produce 22 versions of its ground breaking software, with the ArchiCAD 16–produced on its anniversary–as its latest offering

ArchiCAD Review: Important Features

  • ArchiCAD is designed to run on both Apple’s Mac and Microsoft’s Windows platforms.
  • It allows users to work with either 2D or 3D representation and its drawings can be exported in different formats at anytime.
  • ArchiCAD highlights its extensive components library compiled by both Graphisoft and other third party providers.
  • It supports diverse programs, extensions and add-ons such as API and ODBC database connections through its ability to link with 4D/5D platforms and other applications.
  • It can import and export different file formats which include DWG, DXF and IFC files.

ArchiCAD Review: Versions

The different versions of the latest ArchiCAD software (16) can be broken down into:

  • Commercial Version: This needs a product key to access all its features.
  • Educational Version: the ArchiCAD review for this version shows it comes with a registration number and all export files are water marked with its logo.
  • Trial Version: This is a 30 day trial of all its features to encourage the user purchase a product key.

ArchiCAD reviews: Benefits

  • ArchiCAD (16) comes with a new morph tool which lets the user quickly create models.
  • The integration of its new BIM components provides users with an access to diverse third party contents.
  • In–depth tutorials are provided to help new users get through.

ArchiCAD Review: Limitations

Its extensive platform makes its learning process quite difficult for new users and its predominantly architectural features limits its main stream design use.

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