The Best CAD Conversion Software and Tools

Sophisticated and smart computer–aided designing has swept all types of industries and professionals. Computer–aided designing using the latest CAD conversion software delivers advantage through technology. It enhances skills and expertise of professionals through better management of complex designs, while improved visual presentation adds to the market trust and quality. Progressive introduction of high–end CAD conversion tools offers artists, engineers, architectures, designers, and scientists a convenient way to convert their drawings, blueprints, complex images, and design works into smart digital formats. CAD conversion software enables creation of images and models with precision drawing, superior scalability, optimized manufacturing, and convenient sharing and accessibility.

The following are some of the most important and popular CAD conversion software frequently used by service providers:


A leading CAD conversion software for the last three decades, AutoCAD is extensively used both for 2D and 3D designs. Packed with speed, power, and superior flexibility, the latest version of the software optimizes productivity through improved design aggregation, streamlined process, and enhanced workflow documentation. The CAD conversion software is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, giving users the option to work on any platform. The easy–to–use visual communication workflow offered by AutoCAD helps in better navigation and quality renderings. The software supports customization and automation and has a number of vertical programs useful for discipline-specific enhancements. The 36–month licensing period for students and its availability in 20 major languages are an added bonus.


Developed by Graphisoft, ArchiCAD is the most preferred conversion tool in the building design industry. The first CAD conversion software to enable 2D and 3D parametric geometry drawings on personal computer, it operates on Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Its improved focus on aesthetics and engineering provides specialized solutions for architects working on "virtual building" projects. ArchiCAD suite is integrated with a variety of drawing, modeling, architectural rendering, desktop publishing, and documentation software to offer architects, designers and planners better designing prospects and greater convenience.


Available for Windows platforms, MicroStation CAD conversion software by Bentley Systems provides exclusive 2D and 3D precision drawing support for architecture, engineering, and construction of infrastructure projects. Its immersive interaction, robust data, and analysis assure creation of information–rich PDFs and plots in 3D drawings. The ability of the software to generate compelling animations and real–photo renderings ensures superior performance simulation of designs. MicroStation CAD conversion software can also be used as a technology platform to integrate engineering geometry, data, and applications to set–up multidisciplinary teams working on various project designs.


A dedicated 3D CAD conversion software, Inventor is developed by Autodesk, the creator of the tried and tested AutoCAD. The conversion tool is available in various product configurations allowing individual designers to use its specific levels of functionalities according to their requirements, such as product simulation, design communication, design parameter modification, design comparison, mechanical designing, and tooling creation. Inventor CAD conversion software enables Digital Prototyping or generation of accurate 3D models for product simulation. This feature ensures development of superior product designs at reduced cost and facilitates faster market introduction. The software offers easy data interoperability and exchange and is available only for Windows platforms.


Dassault Systems´ mechanical 3D software, SolidWorks is used by 1.5 million designers and engineers world over both at individual and corporate levels. The high–performance CAD conversion software runs on all Windows OS, and its easy–to–use features offer superior training and support for engineers. SolidWorks Premium edition has a variety of conversion tools that support design, verification, life cycle assessment, documentation, and communication activities. Its live prototypes creation and enterprise product data management features allow easy design information sharing, workflow maintenance, and generation of the most accurate models. 3DVIA Composer, a part of SolidWorks CAD conversion software, empowers organizations to convey intricate product details to non – engineers by creating polished content and animations.

Solid Edge

Developed by Siemens PLM Software, Windows OS–based Solid Edge CAD conversion software has steadily established its market reputation as an important 3D parametric feature solid modeling tool. Its drafting functionality, transparent data management, and third–party links enable engineers, designers, and drafters to create hybrid CAD system for both 2D and 3D drawings. Use of synchronous techniques allow Solid Edge to accelerate design, aid in faster change, generate superior assembly modeling, and ease design complexity.


One of the oldest and most reliable CAD conversion software in the market, CATIA is extensively being used for 3D product life cycle management by major players in aerospace, automobile, and shipbuilding industries. A large number of energy and other industrial equipment manufacturers and architects have also chosen CATIA as their preferred CAD conversion tool. Based on C++ programming, the CAD software is compatible with UNIX and Windows platforms and known for its unparalleled easy–to–use hi–tech features.

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