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A Start-Up Creative Agency in the Netherlands Outsourced with IndiaCADworks and was able to Expand their Business and Enjoy a Boost in Profits

Client Profile

The client is a newly established creative agency located in the Netherlands. As a start-up marketing firm, they offer a variety of unique marketing and branding solutions to other companies across Europe. In need of an efficient way to promote one of their products, the client wanted to develop a brief video explaining its technical details.

Client Requirement

With an exciting ready-to-launch product in hand, the client created an infographic on its features and other selling points. However, the client realized that a video instead could be a better idea of promotion and wanted the infographic to be transformed into a one-minute 2D video that would detail exactly how the product worked. As a start-up business with a limited budget and a short deadline, the client was eager to partner with an experienced and reputed outsourcing company who could assist them on this important project. The client assigned this venture to IndiaCADworks (ICW) due to the following qualifications:

  • Extensive prior knowledge in creating videos with similar animation styles, and with experience in the fine points of explainer videos.
  • An excellent track record of timely delivery with a pool of skilled resources to meet the tight timeline requested by the client.
  • Highly competitive budget-friendly pricing without compromising the quality aspect of the service.
  • Real-time communication, feedback, and assistance during the project.

Challenges Faced by IndiaCADworks

Over the course of this project, the team at IndiaCADworks encountered a few small problems:

  • Given the elaborative nature of the project, managing the client’s preferred deadline was the hurdle that the ICW team had to overcome.
  • The level and pace of feedbacks required to ensure all the aspects that could appropriately meet the client’s desired vision was also a factor in time management.

Solutions Provided by IndiaCADworks

To make sure that the challenges would not impact the integrity of the project in any way, the team at IndiaCADworks did the following:

  • ICW assigned one dedicated resource, a skilled animator with expertise in this particular area of animation, to work exclusively on this project through its duration.
  • To design the flow of events for the video, a storyboard was created and presented to the client for review before beginning the animation.
  • Once the customer approved this initial phase of the work, the animator created an infographic video that matched the script provided by the client and described the product in exact detail.
  • Finally, the ICW animator utilized Flash and Toon Boom software tools to create the finished, one minute animated video.
  • The final project output was delivered to the client via Dropbox.

The Results

ICW's adherence to the strict project timeline and status-based transparent communication led to a favorable result for the customer:

  • Due to ICW’s constant effort to meet all the customer requirements and highly professional approach towards feedbacks/suggestions, the client received a high-quality output.
  • The client received an extremely positive response to their animated video and ultimately was able to expand their business and see a growth in their profits.
  • Extending its appreciation for the work, the client requested for an ongoing project of 10 videos per week to be produced by the team at IndiaCADworks.

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