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ICW Helped US-based Innovator in Prototyping and Developing a Unique Personal Hygiene Product for Women

Client Profile

The client is a leading urologist in the United States who is highly respected within the medical industry. As a medical practitioner and urologist, the client is uniquely situated to provide best patient care practices and determine what gaps exist within the industry that needs to be addressed. The client invented a unique personal hygiene product for women that’s practical, discreet, portable, and comes in a range of volumes.

Client Requirements

The client wanted to further improve the design of this product and needed a 3D model created, along with an exact prototype so that it can be passed on to the manufacturing vendor. Additionally, the client required an outsourcing partner who could develop the design according to ASME standards, and provide information regarding materials that are permissible in the US.

After learning of IndiaCADwork’s (ICW) extensive experience, the client reached out to the sales team and decided to partner with us.

Challenges Faced by ICW

As a medically based product intended for specific hygienic purposes, this assignment presented a few key challenges:

  • The client requested scheduled daily updates from ICW
  • The design was constantly changing due to necessary modifications of the external dimensions.
  • ICW assumed complete onus of production and prototyping.
  • The client was very firm with the concept for the product aesthetics and shape, which required a level of accommodation from ICW to ensure these specifications were adhered to.

Customized Approach to this Project

A highly detailed model of this nature required a personalized approach from initial consultation to delivery:

  • ICW assembled an expert team of three dedicated resources to work exclusively on this high profile assignment, and to consult with the client and fully understand the project parameters.
  • A meeting with the client was initiated so the client could present ideas and concepts and the ICW team could present a proposal.
  • Following the approval, the ICW team was able to develop and deliver a conceptual design to the client in ten days.
  • The client was happy with the outcome and gave approval for the ICW team to begin developing the model.
  • As this product was one of a kind and conceived by the client, there was frequent communication and inputs between ICW and the client to ensure that the design and development of the 3D model would accurately reflect the original product concept.
  • The ICW team developed an exact prototype and delivered it to the client for approval and feedback.
  • Visualization, including project details, was presented to the client via PPT.
  • The client was then able to deliver the project to the manufacturer on time.

Software Used Over the Course of the Services

  • Solidworks

The Results

ICW was able to manage this high profile project successfully, and the following results ensued:

  • The project was concluded successfully with rigorous attention to quality and accuracy and was completed on time and within the client’s budget.
  • The client was impressed with the competence and dedication displayed by the ICW team over the course of the project and offered praise for our thorough product development knowledge that was backed by practical design skills.
  • The client decided to extend the contract and work with ICW in the manufacturing and branding of the product.
  • ICW was able to add this project to our list of success stories and conclude the project with a very satisfied client.

Note: References available on request

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