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Irish Brewery Outsources 3D Architectural Walkthroughs to IndiaCADworks, Gets Accurate Video, Saves on Cost

The Client: An Irish Brewery

The client is brewery from Achill Island in County Mayo, which is the largest island off the coast of Ireland. The company started in September 2014 and in a short span has become one of the most popular brands of beer in the Island amongst the locals and tourists.

Business Requirement

The client was looking for a partner that could help them design a 3D architectural walkthrough for a commercial property they were building. The client had just the plans and sketches of the property.

They needed a partner with the following expertise:

  • An ability to design from scratch with just plans and sketches
  • Understand the client’s property needs and usage
  • Ability to deliver the project within a short period of time
  • Quality of delivery should match standards that comes out of Northern Ireland
  • Team’s ability to provide swift response to the client’s queries

It approached IndiaCADworks (ICW) for its experience in 3D architectural walkthrough for various companies—small business houses to large Fortune 500 companies.

Challenges faced by IndiaCADworks

While working on this project, the team faced the following challenges:

  • ICW had to show property from top, sides and other angles. This was a challenge because with just a few sketch and plans, it would be difficult to visualize the property.
  • Secondly the client wanted the property to look and feel distinctly Irish. Showing a property in a rural Irish heartland without much to refer to or without much information available on how the lands look like, it was difficult to deliver a result.

ICW’s Solution

The project management team took the following steps to overcome the challenges they faced while working on the project:

  • Two architects were exclusively deployed to work on this project. These architects designed a grey model after discussions with the client.
  • To understand the region around the client’s property, the client gave us an understanding of how the place looks like. ICW architects came up with a design that incorporated all elements of the rural setting. The client was pretty impressed with this.

Result: On-Time Delivery Maintained

The client was satisfied with the final output. Here’s what was achieved:

  • Walkthrough was completed with accuracy level of over 90%.
  • Even before the client could start with the construction of the property, our 3D walkthrough enabled them to visualize the property in advance.
  • With the help of ICW, the client saved over 60% cost compared to their local vedor.

Note: References available on request

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