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Mexico-based Real Estate Firm Approached ICW for Estimation of Huge Excavation Project

The Client – Mexico-based Construction Company

Our client is a Mexico-based construction company that offers integral design and construction services for companies in the industrial, institutional, and commercial spheres. Additionally, the firm provides a full range of pre-construction services, including on-site research, geolocation analysis, budget development, and preliminary engineering, among others. The firm is focused on offering personalized attention and practical solutions, with special attention paid to the administrative systems, engineering, control, monitoring, and the careful coordination of all projects and human resources.

Requirements for Bill of Quantity Estimation

The client required IndiaCADworks (ICW) team to provide an estimation for an earthwork excavation based on quantity take up in an Excel sheet. Our team needed to create bills of quantity (BOQ) for the excavation and foundation, concrete re-enforcements, and Mason re-work. The output of the Excel sheet needed to be in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format. We received a complete drawing of the building from the client, which was used as the basis for all of our estimation work.

Challenges Faced By Our Engineering Team

One of the biggest challenges faced by our team was the fact that the input drawings received were noted in Spanish. As a result, we needed to source accurate translations, which in turn needed to be validated for architectural terminology. This caused some delay. However, our teams were able to rally and continue with the project uninterrupted.

ICW’s Detailed Estimation Process

For this project, we primarily used Microsoft Excel to complete the steps required to deliver an accurate estimation. We followed our step-wise process, ensuring that the final estimation was delivered in a timely fashion:

  • Meetings were held with the client to establish the precise scope of the project.
  • Once ironed out the finer details, two team members were assigned to the task.
  • Accurate translations of the drawings were sourced.
  • Our team spent five days creating the BOQs for the excavation and foundation, concrete re-enforcements, and Mason re-work.
  • The Excel sheet was passed through extensive quality control to ensure accuracy.
  • The final results were presented to the client in CSI format.

How the Client Benefited

While we faced some difficulties regarding the initial language barrier, our team was able to quickly overcome the hurdle and proceed with the estimation process without further delays. The client was pleased with our work, and the speedy delivery thereof. As a result of our tireless efforts and commitment to quality, we have secured a happy client and similar projects.

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