Event Management Firm Saves 50% on Exhibition Stall Design & Drafting

  1. Client Struggles with Lack of In-House Expertise and High Resource Acquisition Costs
  2. ICW offers High-Precision Stall Modeling & Drafting Support with Flexible Engagement
  3. High Accuracy of Deliverables, Multiple Work Shifts and 50% Cost Advantage

Renowned Event Management Firm Gets 50% Cost Advantage With ICW’s Exhibition Stall Modeling & Drafting Support

A globally-renowned event management firm collaborated with IndiaCADworks (ICW) for offshore exhibition stall modeling and drafting support to manage the bottlenecks in their workflow. With the dual advantage of availing the services of expert modelers and draftsmen along with a graphic design team all under the same roof, the client received precise stall detail engineering drawings along with a cost advantage.

The Client- Global Leader in Event Management

The client is an award-winning event management company with a 95-year legacy of creating meaningful experiences for the audience. Starting as a parade and party decorating company in 1927, the client has transitioned into a full-service event management firm that services trade shows, conferences, and other events.

With a data-driven approach and the industry’s largest network of experts, the client company’s insights shape exhibitions, exhibits, and events that drive audiences to action.

The client faced workflow bottlenecks due to a lack of in-house expertise and a high cost of resources and infrastructure.

ICW’s rich expertise in visual merchandising design and detailing was a significant factor that made us the perfect choice for outsourcing exhibition stall modeling and drafting services.

Business Challenges Faced By The Client

Due to a lack of in-house expertise and the high resource acquisition cost, the client faced significant roadblocks in keeping up with their project delivery.

To deal with these growing challenges, the client decided to collaborate with an offshore team of design engineers to handle the exhibition stall modeling and drafting tasks for their clientele.

The client needed an outsourcing partner that could provide drafting and modeling services based on an initial concept brief and technical specifications of the exhibition venue provided.

They required a modeling and design team that could deliver high-precision designs within a quick turnaround time and could also make changes later if needed.

Why The Client Chose IndiaCADworks

Since ICW’s design engineers and modelers have similar experience in retail visual merchandise design and detailing, the client decided to outsource their exhibition booth design projects to us.

Our extensive experience meant we better understood the terminologies and usage of various construction materials involved in stall fabrication, shortening the learning curve and enhancing the project's completion rate.

Project Workflow

Despite the challenges faced by our team related to the client’s integrated engineering project management system and its multiple add-ons, ICW proceeded with the project execution in a stepwise workflow, ensuring on-time delivery and efficiency. The steps involved in the project execution include:

  1. Allocated two dedicated FTEs experienced in stall designing, drafting, and modeling.
  2. Received input in the form of venue floor plans, technical specifications, and the booth/stall dimensions to be designed.
  3. Initially, our team started working with Autodesk Inventor® for the modeling and detailing of exhibition stalls but later transitioned to AutoCAD® based on client request.
  4. Along with this software, our team also worked with client-based software and multiple add-ons. Due to a lack of compatibility with these add-ons, the client provided our team with two systems with the required software installed and remote access.
  5. The team prepared GA drawings of exhibition stalls/booths based on the technical specifications and sent them for client approval.
  6. Once approved, our team worked on stall detail engineering drawings, CNC cut lists, electrical routing diagrams, and rendering, if required, for individual sections of the stalls/booths.
  7. Our team used Vault to store and share the design files.
  8. Additionally, ICW also provides manuals and Bill of Materials (BOM) for installing components of the booths on the field.
  9. The client tracked every stage of the project workflow using their project management tool.


The client received detailed stall engineering drawings that helped them accelerate their project workflow, overcoming bottlenecks without hiring resources or spending on infrastructure. The most significant advantage that the client received by partnering with ICW was the cost advantage of 50%.

ICW’s design engineers also benefited from this project by adding to their exhibition booth design experience.

Exceptional Exhibition Stall Modeling & Drafting Support from ICW

IndiaCADworks is a leading provider of custom 3D modeling and drafting services globally. With a long track record of delivering models and engineering drawings to businesses in various industries, ICW assures accurate deliverables and is compliant with international standards. Reach out to us for a free consultation and quote.


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