Top Swiss Design Studio Receives 200 Low Poly 3D Models in 6 Months

The Client

The client is a well-known Zurich-based design studio that works with contemporary artists, galleries, museums, and collectors to realize some of their most ambitious projects.

Working with emerging and established artists alike, the client is often involved in the artwork production process from the first stages of conceptualization down to the restoration of art pieces.

Requirement for Low Poly 3D Modeling for AR VR Application

Due to an increased project inflow with tight deadlines and a lack of specialized resources, the client needed an offshore team of 3D modeling professionals with experience in using 3DS Max and knowledge of AR VR applications.

The client required low poly models of artwork-related objects of varied specifications with intact aesthetic appeal from scanned images and point cloud data for import into an AR VR application.

Project Execution

Although this project presented many challenges related to precision as per requirement, ICW adopted a unique stepwise approach to fulfill the project requirements, ensuring accuracy and consistency. The steps involved in the project execution are:

  1. Assigned a dedicated team of twenty 3D modeling professionals, including 3D artists, light artists, texture artists, material artists, and a product manager with AR VR experience.
  2. Received inputs in batches consisting of lists of objects for low poly 3D modeling, lists of scanned data, images, etc.
  3. Conducted internal training sessions to familiarize the team with the low poly 3D modeling requirements based on the complexity of the objects
  4. The team used 3DS Max to create low poly 3D models along with UV mapping to ensure the texture and detailing match client requirements
  5. Completed 3D Models shared with the client for approval and feedback
  6. Submitted models tested in client’s AR VR software environment
  7. The team worked on-demand delivering more than 200 models in six months

Project Takeaways

With ICW’s professional 3D modeling support, the client leveraged a reliable and scalable offshore team along with accomplishing the production of more than 200 high-quality low poly 3D models in 6 months.

With this project, the 3D Modeling team at ICW added to their experience and expertise in developing aesthetically appealing low poly models.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner for a similar 3D Modeling project on an ad-hoc or long-term basis, reach out to us for a custom quote today!

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