Enhancing Tiles Manufacturing with Engineering Services


  1. Leading Australian tiles manufacturers faced a projected decline due to market fluctuations. IndiaCADworks responded with strategic incentives and operational improvements for future projects.
  2. We implemented solutions that increased productivity, reduced errors, and streamlined operations, adding tangible value by sustaining.
  3. IndiaCADworks demonstrated expertise in engineering services, highlighting attention to detail and providing dependable engineering solutions with strategic and operational high-quality results.

Story of Customer

Based in Australia, as a prominent player in the tiles manufacturing industry, they are known for their high-quality products, with a long-standing partnership of over five years. The specific challenge faced by customers was a decline in the number of projects received. Upon inquiry, the client attributed this to the market picking up, indicating an upcoming surge in project volume.

This posed the challenge of preparing the team for an increased workload while maintaining productivity. We understood the client's requirements and consistently delivered satisfactory results through their client-based Project Management portal.


The challenges faced by our client were multi-faceted:

  1. The decline in project flow was a direct consequence of market fluctuations, impacting the company's workflow and business outlook.
  2. A substantial increase in the number of files demanding visualization added complexity to project management, requiring efficient handling.
  3. Training the team to proficiently manage both Tiles Estimation and Visualization tasks became crucial to meet the client’s evolving project needs..


IndiaCADworks undertook a comprehensive solution approach:

  1. We introduced the Strategic Approach quarterly incentives for high-performing team members. This motivational approach led to increased productivity and fewer errors.
  2. We seamlessly integrated the Operational Approach with the "Job Manager" tool into their workflow. This enhanced transparency and allowed for priority task assignment by team leads.
  3. Monthly reviews were conducted to identify errors and areas for Continuous improvement in operations. These reviews ensured ongoing refinement of processes and maintained efficiency.


IndiaCADworks' solutions yielded impressive results:

  1. The strategic incentives and improved operational workflow significantly increased the team's productivity, enabling them to handle more tasks efficiently.
  2. The error rate decreased with streamlined task assignments, ensuring higher-quality project outputs.
  3. We integrated the "Job Manager" tool and the monthly reviews to streamline operations, improving efficiency and client satisfaction.
  4. The solutions sustained the client’s company during the projected decline and better equipped it to handle upcoming projects effectively.
  5. IndiaCADworks' interventions added tangible value by optimizing clients's processes, resulting in a more prosperous and prepared business outlook.

Choose Engineering Excellence with IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks has risen to the challenge, showcasing our expertise in engineering services to enhance the tiles manufacturing process. Our commitment to streamlined processes, technical prowess, and unwavering attention to detail have transformed our client's experience. This case study underlines our ability to provide tailored engineering solutions, foster product development, and meet strict project deadlines.

For dependable engineering solutions that consistently deliver top-quality results, look no further than IndiaCADworks. Connect with us today to experience engineering excellence firsthand..

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