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American Home Decor E-commerce Giant Outsourced with ICW for High-quality Product Development Services

Client Profile

The client is a very well-known and popular e-commerce giant based in Boston, US, and is one of the largest online purveyors of home decor, home and office furniture, and miscellaneous home goods. With over thousands of suppliers, the client features a massive selection of stock that requires visualization and planning to present staged furniture and interior design themes to online shoppers, as well as develop new products for their expanding customer base.

Client Requirements

As a recognizable name in the e-commerce industry, the client wanted an equally reputable and professional outsourcing agency with proven expertise in new product development. After contacting IndiaCADworks (ICW) and speaking with the sales team, the client decided to partner with ICW.

Requirements for this project included the following for each item of furniture with SKU (Stock Keeping Units) and photos of the furniture (dimensions) adhering to agronomical standards:

  • Expected output, including model, texture, lighting, and rendering.
  • SKU with details for each item of furniture.
  • Silo with studio render and a white background only for the object.
  • Silo with dimensions in black and white.
  • Vignette close-up
  • Visualizing the furniture in the actual environment
  • Assistance from ICW setting up the process, with support from skilled modelers, texture artists, and lighting artists.

Challenges Faced by ICW

A project of this scope, with a high level of detail, presented several key challenges for the ICW team:

  • The time was the major constraint considering the level of detailing per each requirement, and being able to meet the client’s short deadline was a significant priority.
  • Texturing was a difficulty as the images were low resolution and texture could not be extracted from the source images, especially organic products.
  • The nature of the project was such that the client’s preferred aesthetics had to be fully understood, in addition to understanding environment selection and necessary scene renders.

Customized Approach to this Project

ICW adopted a solution oriented, customized process to this unique assignment to ensure a successful approach:

  • ICW began by initiating a meeting with the client to discuss the project objectives and ensure that both parties were fully aware of all the requirements.
  • The ICW team downloaded the SKU’s and photos of the furniture to begin the reviewing and organization process and categorize the inputs.
  • Dedicated resources were assigned to this project based on respective experience levels and time availability to ensure that the right skill sets were being applied.
  • A specific sequence was developed per each furniture item; modeling, texturing, lighting, and then rendering:
    • Silo with studio render, white background only.
    • Silo with exact dimensions and a black and white background.
    • Showcasing in the actual environment.
    • Vignette with a close-up of the furniture.
  • ICW conducted two rounds of internal quality control, followed by delivering to the client for feedback.
  • Based on the client’s feedback, the ICW team made the necessary modifications, and the project was delivered to the client.

Exceptional Steps Taken by ICW to Meet the Client’s Expectations

Meeting the client’s requirements was critical, and for providing the highest quality of services during this project, ICW took the following exceptional steps:

  • ICW provided additional support for the client by setting up a process for a significant volume of work while adhering to brief timelines.
  • Two-hundred models were completed in one month with the help of a fifty member team.

Software Used Over the Course of the Project

  • 3D Studio MAX
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

The Results

This complex e-commerce based project was completed successfully and delivered to the client on time, and the following results occurred:

  • The client was impressed with the additional support provided by ICW’s team, and the level of quality given to each stage of the process and offered praise to this effect.
  • Given the timeliness of the delivery and the success of the assignment, the client recommended ICW’s services to one of their suppliers.
  • ICW added a unique success story to their professional achievements and was able to build upon the technique utilized in the project for similar projects.

Note: References available on request

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