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ICW Assisted Architectural Firm with AutoCAD Drafting and Internal Elevation Detailing

Our Client - Leading Supplier of Industrial Instruments

Founded in 1998, our client is an award-winning architectural design firm based in Houston, Texas comprised of licensed architects, interior designers, and construction managers. Their client-centered focus and design-build expertise makes them a highly respected and sought-after leader in the design industry.

Effective space programming is one of the client’s major calling cards. Furthermore, their expertise in creating unique, state-of-the-art designs is unparalleled. Efficiently using top quality materials and resources, their strengths lie in designing cost-effective, yet attractive facilities in various spheres, including hospitality, corporate, residential, retail, municipal, medical, and mixed use buildings.

Requirements for Architectural Drawing Updates

Our team of highly experienced engineers is equipped with several years’ worth of experience and familiarity with interior design, making ICW the ideal outsourcing partner for the client’s project. We were approached to complete a two-fold architectural drawing update which was comprised of corrections to AutoCAD drawings, as well as the development of AutoCAD internal elevations using references.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s Structural Drafting Team

Our team faced challenges regarding the instructions which, at times, were unclear. However, due to our vast experience in working with architectural drawings, we were able to handle the task smoothly and without too much delay.

Additionally, the hand-written markups were not completely uniform and there was a lack of clarity in the drawings. Both of these challenges were not insurmountable, and we were able to complete the project on time. Our team spent 7 working days on the project, dealing with 35 interior elevations and spending approximately 3-4 hours per sheet.

ICW’s Unique Structural Drafting Process

Our step-wise process from requirement to delivery:

  • After the initial meeting with the client to iron out project parameters, drawings with instructions (markups) were uploaded to SharePoint.
  • Our team analyzed these inputs in order to plan the remainder of the process.
  • We completed an estimation on the time and resources we would require to complete the project on time.
  • We communicated these plans with the client, and upon approval our teams set to work.
  • Input files were converted to AutoCAD files.
  • Our team scaled the drawings and made the requested changes.
  • Quality Control was done on the PDF files we created as the final output files.
  • Once approved by the client, the project was successfully closed.

Benefits for the Client

Our team completed the project in record time and with almost no revisions requested by the client. The client benefited from a smooth delivery process and expert team who were ready and able to tackle any challenges. After impressing the client with our top quality work, the client has asked us to work with them on similar projects.

Note: References available on request

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