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Independent UAE Manufacturer Outsourced with IndiaCADworks and Successfully Launched Their Product by Deadline

The Client

The client here is a manufacturing giant based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With an innovative product design in the initial stages of conception, the client wanted to revolutionize a common household product to facilitate their existing customers and even reach out to new prospective buyers.

Client’s Requirement

Knowing that the typical household coffee making machines are limited to dispense only one cup of coffee at a time, the client wanted to develop a new type of coffee vending machine that would be able to pour approximately six times more coffee (1.5 liters) in a single press.

With a three-month product development completion date as their goal, the client needed an affordable and experienced outsourcing partner with proven expertise in product development. The client wanted to work with a partner who possessed the following attributes and knowledge base:

  • Prior expertise in developing a diverse range of products from scratch.
  • Highly skilled and experienced pool of engineers capable of performing extensive research and comprehending the new concepts.
  • Capable of meeting international manufacturing guidelines and standards.
  • Affordable pricing and ability to deliver the final product well within the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Challenges Faced by IndiaCADworks

Over the course of this new coffee dispensing machine development project, ICW dealt with several challenges:

  • Although the client had conceptualized the coffee dispensing machine, they had inadequate knowledge about the technical aspects of product manufacturing. Therefore, ICW had to primarily work autonomously with minimal assistance from the client.
  • ICW engineering team conducted intensive research on the agreed product specifications, including optimal manufacturing materials to be used in the development process, and the necessary guidelines to be followed. 
  • A separate feasibility study had to be carried out by ICW in order to ensure that the manufacturing materials used for the new product matched the manufacturing standards of the country where it was intended to be launched.
  • With little data in the product specification document supplied by the client, it took around two months for the ICW research team to find all the pertinent information regarding the product manufacturing. This eventually became a huge hurdle in achieving the three-month turnaround time.

Solutions Provided by IndiaCADworks

The engineering and manufacturing team at ICW took the following measures to overcome the challenges they faced on this project:

  • ICW began the process by hosting initial meetings with the client to discuss the details of the project, and better understand all of the expectations, as well as their vision for the final product.
  • We assigned four highly skilled team members to work exclusively on this project from start to finish.
  • As the product had to be manufactured with standard food grade materials, meticulous research had to be conducted by the project team members to ensure complete accuracy for safety purposes. The client was then contacted and presented with the research findings.
  • The team then prepared a conceptual design for the product, which was also shared with the client for feedback.
  • To maintain project transparency, the client was contacted for another in-depth discussion on the product’s mechanics and desired aesthetics so that the team could translate this into a model.
  • Based on this feedback, the team was able to create the manufacturing and production drawings in both 2D and 3D formats, which were provided to the client.
  • With respect to the client’s specifications, the team used AutoCAD for the production drawings and SolidWorks for the product modeling.
  • Finally, the completed model was delivered to the client in a self-explanatory PPT via Dropbox.

Exceptional Step Taken by IndiaCADworks to Meet the Client’s Requirements

ICW engineering and manufacturing team performed an exhaustive additional research as the client could not provide any of the exact specifications regarding the product that was integral to its manufacturing.

Software Used in This Project

Development of this product required the utilization of some specific software, mainly SolidWorks and AutoCAD.

The Results

Our vast experience in product development, extensive research and analytical skills as well transparent and clear communication resulted in a positive experience for the client:

  • The client received a top notch product, which passed all the agreed quality standards at a competitive price that fit within their budget.
  • The project was completed on schedule, which helped the client in achieving their launch date goals.
  • Due to the diligence of ICW team, the client was able to successfully manufacture their innovative coffee dispensing machine adhering to the manufacturing standards of the United Arab Emirates.
  • IndiaCADworks was highly appreciated by the client for exceeding their satisfaction expectations and was assured of future assignments as part of an ongoing business relationship.

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