InsurTech Firm Leverages 45% Cost Saving on Property Modeling Support

  1. Client Struggles with Lack of In-House Expertise and High Project Inflow
  2. ICW offers High-Precision 3D Property Modeling Support with Flexible Engagement
  3. High Accuracy of Deliverables, Multiple Work Shifts, and 45% Cost Advantage

US-Based InsurTech Gets 45% Cost Advantage with ICW’s High-Precision 3D Property Modeling Support

A leading InsurTech firm partnered with IndiaCADworks(ICW) for 3D modeling support to overcome the bottlenecks they faced due to a lack of in-house resources and high project volume. Offering the advantage of availing the services of expert modelers under the same roof, ICW provided fully realized 3D models of property structures.

The Client- Innovative Leader in Remote Property Assessment

The client is a US-based InsurTech firm that simplifies remote property assessments for spatial details, damage extent, or risk factors. The client’s AI assessment platform uses cutting-edge computer vision and AI technology to automate property assessment from photographs taken on any camera, enabling 80% lower estimation costs.

The client faced workflow bottlenecks due to a lack of in-house expertise and a high volume of project inflow.

ICW’s rich expertise in 3D modeling and reverse engineering was a significant factor that made us the perfect choice for outsourcing property modeling services.

Business Challenges Faced By The Client

Due to a lack of in-house expertise and the mounting project volume, the client faced significant roadblocks in keeping up with their project delivery.

To deal with these growing challenges, the client collaborated with an offshore team of modelers to handle the 3D modeling tasks to enrich their AI platform.

The client needed an outsourcing partner with a clear understanding of 3D property modeling techniques from site survey images taken on smartphones or other devices, scans to CAD, and sketches.

Why The Client Chose IndiaCADworks

Since ICW’s modelers have similar experience in 3D and damage property modeling, the client decided to outsource their project to us.

Our extensive experience meant we better understood the terminologies and usage of various tools in the 3D property modeling process, shortening the learning curve and enhancing the project's completion rate.

Project Workflow

Despite the challenges faced by our team related to getting acquainted with the client platform and the region-specific construction methodologies, ICW proceeded with the project execution in a stepwise workflow, ensuring on-time delivery and efficiency. The steps involved in the project execution include:

  1. Allocated a five-member team of 3D modeling professionals and engineers with at least three years of experience in Architectural 3D modeling and can interpret site survey images/ floor plans, images, etc.
  2. Received input in images taken on smartphones/cameras, LED/industrial scanners, scan to CAD images, and property sketches to be assessed for damage, renovation, or construction.
  3. The client provided training to the team, followed by internal knowledge-sharing sessions to keep up with the project flow.
  4. The team utilized Revit & SketchUp to create 3D models of interior spaces using standard object sizes, such as doors, windows, etc., as references for calibration.
  5. The measurable 3D models and floor plans were shared with the client for approval.
  6. Once approved, the team continued to work on the project delivering weekly updates so that the client could keep track of the progress.


The client received accurate, measurable 3D models and floor plans that could be fed into their platform, enabling easy remote property assessment for damage or renovation projects. ICW delivered over 2500 hours of 3D modeling support in two months.

ICW’s support enabled the client to streamline the claims process for their clients without the hassle of hiring new resources or spending on infrastructure. ICW’s 3D modeling team also benefited from this project by adding to their modeling experience and knowledge of region-specific construction methodologies.

Exceptional Property Modeling Support from ICW

IndiaCADworks is a leading provider of custom 3D modeling services globally. With a long track record of delivering accurate 3D models and engineering drawings to businesses in various industries, ICW assures accurate deliverables and is compliant with international standards. Reach out to us for a free consultation and quote.

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