Navigating Real Estate Challenges: IndiaCADworks' Success Story


  1. A USA-based real estate firm faced a downturn in the market, leading to a 10% decrease in projects and a 15% reduction in billing.
  2. IndiaCADworks navigated this challenge with a project-based approach, a three-layer quality check process, and using AutoCAD for streamlined project tasks.
  3. Despite the challenging market conditions, IndiaCADworks' solutions improved the client's operational efficiency and maintained high-quality deliverables, keeping them hopeful for a market recovery.

Story of Customer

A well-known real estate firm based in the USA has been a client of IndiaCADworks for over five years. Known for their successful operations nationwide, they have been an active player in the industry. However, from the start of 2023, they have been grappling with a downswing in the real estate market.

This market downturn posed a critical issue for our customers, resulting in a 10% decrease in projects. This decline was reflected in a 15% reduction in billing, highlighting the severity of the challenge.


Our client faced a range of diverse challenges:

  1. Real estate market conditions experienced a significant downturn from the beginning of 2023, resulting in a reduced volume of projects coming their way, down by approximately 10%.
  2. The downturn in the real estate market led to a notable decrease in billing for the client, with around a 15% reduction compared to the previous year.
  3. Operating in a different time zone from their client in the USA, the challenge of completing and submitting project files before the start of the next working day for the client requires efficient and timely project management.


IndiaCADworks undertook a comprehensive solution approach:

  1. IndiaCADworks adopted a project-based approach, ensuring constant workflow to meet client requirements and maintain operational efficiency.
  2. A dedicated Quality Control expert and a three-layer quality check process were implemented to guarantee a minimum accuracy rate of 98% in project deliverables.
  3. IndiaCADworks employed AutoCAD software to streamline project tasks and enhance efficiency while adhering to ISO standards to maintain high-quality and consistent project deliverables.


IndiaCADworks delivered impressive outcomes:

  1. The client experienced improved operational efficiency with IndiaCADworks' project-based approach, enabling them to meet tight deadlines and efficiently manage their workload.
  2. Implementing a dedicated Quality Control expert and a three-layer quality check process ensured a minimum of 98% accuracy in project deliverables, enhancing the quality of the client's work.
  3. Despite the market downturn, the client maintained its operations and remained hopeful for a market recovery with the support of IndiaCADworks, allowing it to navigate challenging times more effectively.

Partner with IndiaCADworks for Engineering Excellence

The case of this real estate client underlines IndiaCADworks' ability to adapt to challenging market circumstances and continue delivering high-quality engineering services. Our strategic and operational approach, coupled with the use of advanced software like AutoCAD, has helped us maintain a high level of service delivery.

Our tailored solutions addressed their unique challenges and improved operational efficiency and quality standards. If you are facing similar challenges or seeking engineering solutions, we invite you to consider collaborating with IndiaCADworks.

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