Revit Modeling and Family Creation for a Doors Manufacturer


A prominent Canadian manufacturer known for quality and customization sought rapid, cost-effective 3D modeling and Revit family creation solutions. They enlisted IndiaCADworks, experts in product modeling and engineering—the result: precise models, on-time delivery, cost control, and a satisfied client. IndiaCADworks proves to be a dependable partner for engineering and CAD design solutions, offering valuable expertise across services.

Story of Customer

Our client is a leading Canadian company producing doors and windows. Their commitment to quality and customization sets them apart in the industry. However, they needed help efficiently modeling their products in 3D and creating Revit families. To overcome these challenges, they sought the expertise of IndiaCADworks, a renowned product modeling and engineering solutions provider, necessitating meticulous attention to detail and strict adherence to specific standards.


The challenges faced by our client included:

  1. The client required rapid delivery of 3D models and Revit families to meet project deadlines.
  2. Keeping costs in check while ensuring the accuracy and customization of the models was a critical concern.
  3. The intricate details and parameters of doors and windows must be accurately incorporated into the models.


IndiaCADworks, with its expertise in CAD design and engineering services, provided a comprehensive solution to address the client’s challenges:

  1. IndiaCADworks leveraged its experience in Solidworks to create precise 3D models of Casement Windows, Fixed Windows (W07 and W12), Single Doors, Double Doors, and Double Doors with transformations.
  2. The team meticulously crafted Revit families with the necessary parameters, LOD, manufacturer details, and overall profile.
  3. IndiaCADworks optimized the workflow to meet the client's quick turnaround requirements, ensuring timely delivery.
  4. By combining technical expertise and efficient processes, IndiaCADworks manages costs without compromising quality.


The results of IndiaCADworks' solutions were outstanding:

  1. The quick turnaround time was met, enabling our client to adhere to project schedules.
  2. The 3D models and Revit families were highly accurate, incorporating all critical parameters.
  3. The project was completed within the allocated budget, demonstrating IndiaCADworks' cost-effective approach.
  4. We offered the desired output, ensuring client satisfaction and product quality.

IndiaCADworks: The Key to Engineering Success

IndiaCADworks effectively addressed the challenges faced by our client in 3D modeling and Revit family creation. The quick and accurate solutions met the client's expectations and improved their overall experience. The value of these solutions in enhancing product design and project execution is evident.

We offer expertise in various services for companies seeking reliable engineering and CAD design solutions. Whether it's 3D modeling, Revit family creation, or other engineering needs, consider collaborating with IndiaCADworks for efficient and cost-effective solutions.


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