1. Danish fluid control company required 24 valve products to be transformed into accurate Revit Families.
  2. They selected IndiaCADworks, known for engineering solutions, to address precision, & timeline demands.
  3. ICW leveraged Revit 2022 for streamlined product integration, reinforcing its reliability as a partner.

Enhancing Revit Modeling Efficiency for Fluid Control Company

Story of Customer

As a leading player in the fluid control industry, they had an extensive product portfolio comprising 24 diverse valve types. Their primary challenge lay in transforming these products into Revit Families, a crucial requirement for architects and engineers in building design and hydronic systems. This process required meticulous attention to detail and adherence to specific standards. To address these challenges, they turned to the expertise of IndiaCADworks, a well-known product modeling and engineering solutions provider.


The specific challenges faced by our client were:

  1. The task involved creating precise Revit Families for 24 valve types from step files, which demanded meticulous attention to detail and adherence to Revit standards.
  2. Ensure that each Revit Family was correctly aligned with hydronic supply or return connector standards to facilitate seamless integration into building design and hydronic systems.
  3. To meet the client's demand for a quick project turnaround while maintaining cost efficiency, without compromising the quality and accuracy of the Revit models.


IndiaCADworks, a proficient engineering solutions provider, undertook the project. The solutions implemented included:

  1. We Leveraged the capabilities of Revit 2022 software for precise and accurate modeling of the valve families.
  2. We developedRevit Families from scratch for all valve types, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and precision in modeling.
  3. We incorporated vital product parameters from data sheets, 2D drawings, images, and manufacturer details to align with Piping Accessories standards, including hydronic supply or return connectors.
  4. Our models met the necessary Level of Detail (LOD) standards, ensuring precision and usability in architectural and engineering projects.


The outcomes of IndiaCADworks' solutions were highly favorable:

  1. IndiaCADworks successfully delivered all 24 valve types as Revit Families, providing a complete and usable set of models.
  2. The project met the client's demand for quick turnaround time, ensuring timely delivery of the Revit Families without delays.
  3. We maintained cost-efficiency while upholding the highest quality standards by aligning precisely with hydronic standards and incorporating critical product parameters accurately.
  4. IndiaCADworks provided a range of deliverable formats, including RFA files, PDFs, and images, catering to the client's varied project needs and documentation requirements.

IndiaCADworks: Your Go-To Choice for Revit Modeling Expertise

IndiaCADworks effectively addressed the client's challenges by delivering precise Revit Families for 24 valve types. It improved their product representation in hydronic systems' design and construction phases, enhancing their customer experience in architectural and engineering projects.

For firms seeking Revit modeling and family creation expertise, IndiaCADworks is a reliable partner with a proven track record of accuracy, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness. Partner with us for your engineering needs and benefit from their specialized services.

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