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An Egyptian Based Large Shipping Corporation Gets DNV Certified Architecture for Shipping Containers with Provisions for Latest Facilities

The Client:

The client is one of the largest shipping container manufacturing corporations based in Egypt. They supply shipping container for oversees clients and widely well-known for its fleet of container ships.

The Business Situation:

There are multiple factors and parameters needed to be adhered when planning design architecture of a shipping container especially for large and modern shipping utilities, cargo, and hoarding and storage companies. Primarily, the design requirements are unique to that particular region of operation and usage. Also, quite challenging is the incorporation of modern technologies where containers are also modified to inhabit humans along with facilities tailored to create a home away from home for long duration of stay or work.

The Challenges:

The challenges encountered during the progression of the work were to:

  • Design shipping containers according to 2.7-1 and 2.7-2 versions of DNV (An authorized body to develop rules and standards for ships over 140+ years) standards
  • Develop design plans most suitable to Egyptian standards and styles, and also notifying the provisions for the usage of high-grade steel
  • Enable client in building shipping containers with a perfect blend of modern facilities by drafting a customized design after extensive research

The Solution:

During the meeting conduced for in-house experts, the final solution was proposed after a careful evaluation of the requirements considering the following elements.

  • Conceptualizing electrical and instrumentation work and drafting the mechanical designs appropriately by deploying a team of experienced and skilled professionals
  • Using AutoCAD® and ProE® to accomplish the task in the way it has be carried out
  • Deputing DNV specialists/experts to certify our designs for DNV and its standards being the topmost priority of the client
  • Conducting an in-house DNV certification awareness program to the professionals deployed on the client’s project
  • Submitting the final design draft for DNV certification and delivering DNV certified design to the client

The Result:

The outputs of the assignment are summarized as below.

  • The client was overtly satisfied with the design of the off-shore container as we met all their design requirements as per given specifications and designed a completely modern facilities that could be inhabited for stay, research and even conducting laboratory tests.
  • The complete mechanical design, structure, durability and electrical and instrumentation reporting as per DNV norms was successfully accredited by DNV authorities.

Note: References available on request

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