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Solar Contractor in Florida Outsourced with ICW and Received Accurate Feasibility Reports for Over 22,000 Home Addresses

Client Profile: Florida-based Solar Contractor

The client is a reputable Residential Solar Contractor in Florida, where year-round sunny weather ensures a competitive and thriving solar paneling industry. As a leader in the industry since the early 1980’s, the client has gained a loyal clientele and has been highly recommended by roofers, builders, and homeowners. The client prides themselves on their quality products, exceptional service, and dependable customer support.

Requirements for the Solar Panel Installation Feasibility Report

The client wanted to determine how much electricity can be generated with the installation of roof-top solar paneling on houses in the locality. Accordingly, they needed feasibility analysis reports that included the solar layout, and how much energy would be generated. With over 22,920 home addresses that required feasibility reports, the client wanted a professional, experienced outsourcing partner who could successfully manage the significant volume of work.

After learning of IndiaCADwork’s (ICW) capability on solar panel installation design, the client reached out to the sales team and decided to assign this project to ICW for the following reasons:

  • Proven expertize in new product development, and prior exposure to the Solar Panel industry.
  • Ability to handle the client’s requested schedule, and complete the project within the expected deadline.
  • Willingness to provide frequent updates to the client on the status of the reports, and ensure open communication throughout the duration of the project.

Challenges that We Faced

Over the duration of this complex and large-scale assignment, the ICW team dealt with a few specific challenges:

  • There were some time constraints due to the number of home addresses that required validation before proceeding with the feasibility analysis.
  • Due to the complexity of the project, total precision was necessary to maintain the accuracy of the feasibility reports, which presented additional time challenges.
  • Because of the substantial volume of the work, and the detail required, ICW had to develop a unique strategy that included a schedule for quality checks throughout the course of the project.

Our Approach to this Project

A project with a significant number of complex variables, and a tight deadline required a customized approach:

  • A consultation between the client and ICW helped to define requirements and expectations, and ensure both parties fully understood the project parameters.
  • The client delivered input to ICW in the form of Excel Spreadsheets containing all of the home addresses, which included coordinates and physical addresses. The input stipulated a number of defined conditions in which the report for energy generation for the solar panel installation would be based:
    • The roof tops must have more than a 50% clear space.
    • The roof top clear space has to be in landscape mode to accommodate more solar panels.
    • Other conditions included roof tops with particular slopes, and the height level of objects that would present obstacles to the sunlight, such as trees or buildings.
  • ICW began by organizing the input and using HelioScope software to put the home addresses in accurately.
  • In a process involving segregation of contacts into those that are feasible for solar panel installation, and those that are not, the ICW team created an analysis report for each address and exported it to a PDF document.
  • At various intervals in the process, the client sent over addresses that were already approved by the government, and ICW was able to prioritize these new addresses.
  • The reports were delivered to the client on time via Dropbox and were immediately approved by the client.

Software Used in This Project

  • HelioScope

Project Outcome

This large scale, unique Solar Panel feasibility report project was completed successfully and within the client’s requested deadline, and the following results occurred:

  • The client was very impressed with the structured delivery and pleased that ICW delivered on time, as promised.
  • Due to the organized, detailed, and accurate nature of the reports, the client was able to immediately reach out to their customers with all of the relevant information.
  • This project extended to further contracts with the client, who requested ICW handle several other large scale assignments and act as a long term outsourcing partner.
  • ICW enjoyed working on such an interesting project and was pleased to be a service provider for this very satisfied client.

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