IndiaCADworks' Impact: Streamlining Glass Manufacturing Excellence


  1. A leading Canada-based glass manufacturer and installer collaborated with IndiaCADworks to maintain and further enhance their Turnaround Time and accuracy.
  2. Despite operational stability, they faced challenges in consistently delivering projects with rapid TAT and maintaining exceptional quality while seeking continuous efficiency improvements.
  3. IndiaCADworks' approach, combining software and standardized billing, enhanced efficiency, increased resources, and achieved a quick TAT with 99% accuracy.

Story of Customer

A renowned Canada-based glass manufacturer and installer specializes in producing and installing partition and façade glass systems. Their unwavering commitment to precision and quality has established them as a trusted Glass Manufacturing and Installation player.

Their primary objective was to maintain their industry-leading quick Turnaround Time (TAT) with an impressive 99% accuracy rate. In their pursuit of operational excellence, they engaged IndiaCADworks, a reliable partner in engineering services. This collaboration aimed to sustain their existing efficiency and elevate it further by streamlining their processes.


The challenges encountered by our client were diverse:

  1. They aimed to consistently deliver their glass manufacturing and installation projects with rapid TAT, demanding precision and speed as a daily requirement.
  2. The client set a high standard for accuracy in their projects, which presented a constant challenge to maintain exceptional quality in every task.
  3. Despite their operational stability, they sought to optimize their processes further, highlighting the need for continuous improvement and efficiency without disrupting their established workflow.


IndiaCADworks embarked on an all-encompassing solution strategy:

  1. IndiaCADworks implemented a strategy to standardize resource billing, ensuring consistent pricing regardless of individual experience. This approach streamlined cost management.
  2. The focus was on enhancing the team's overall efficiency, involving constant interaction with the client through collaboration tools and rigorous quality checks to maintain high standards.
  3. We are leveraging a suite of software, including Excel, Adobe Acrobat, AutoCAD, and BricsCAD, to improve precision and operational efficiency in the glass manufacturing and installation processes.


IndiaCADworks produced remarkable outcomes:

  1. The partnership anticipates a continuous increase in the number of resources working for the client, indicating the client's satisfaction with the services.
  2. IndiaCADworks successfully met the client's demand for a quick Turnaround Time (TAT) with a remarkable 99% accuracy rate, ensuring timely deliveries and maintaining high standards of precision.
  3. Our collaboration has elevated the overall efficiency and operational excellence within the glass manufacturing and installation industry, setting a new standard for the client.

Achieve Engineering Excellence with IndiaCADworks

In Glass Manufacturing, precision and timeliness are paramount, and the collaboration between IndiaCADworks and the client is a success story that exemplifies the potential for continuous improvement and excellence.

If you seek seamless engineering services, IndiaCADworks is your partner of choice. Reach out for more information or assistance, and let us transform your business just as we did for our customers.

Streamlining Glass Manufacturing Excellence

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