US-based Auto Manufacturing Company Reduces Functional Costs by 40% and Overall Estimated Time by 32% by Unifying CAD System

The Client:

The client is a US-based auto part manufacturing company specialized in the manufacturing of automotive parts, sheet metal components, and auto parts assemblies.

The Business Situation:

As per the recent economic reports, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the one system that all types of manufacturers for any product should consider standardizing to reap strategic benefits that also help them gain effective budgetary savings. Similarly, even the client referred to in this case study, required unifying their CAD processes into a single system and we were consulted for the same requirement.

The Challenges:

The challenges encountered during the work progression were:

  • To provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution that enables clients to merge all their drawings developed on 3 different CAD platforms into a single unified latest CAD design platform
  • To design a tailor-made solution that helps the client to transform the entire process for product development, and streamline the efficiency of individual steps included in the process
  • To provide the best-in-class functionality for a unified CAD system on time that aids the client choose the right platform and migrate from the existing set of CAD processes

The Solution:

We considered the following aspects in a meeting organized for experts to draft the final solution based on the client’s specifications:

  • We deployed a team of experienced CAD professionals with high competency and experience in handling similar projects upon a clear-cut understanding of all the processes and steps in manufacturing auto spares and assemblies.
  • We carried out extensive research to understand the latest updates in the current market and suggested ‘Autodesk Inventor 2012’ as the right platform to unify the entire CAD process.
  • We proposed a free trial work to classify 2D and 3D drawings based on their complexities and set the estimated time for a defined quantity.

The Result:

  • The client experienced net savings in functional costs by 40% and a 32% reduction in the overall estimated time.
  • The client was able to reveal the benefits of ease of design collaboration and reuse of CAD models, share best practices, and unify product development processes and data across the enterprise flawlessly.
  • Our Standardized and unified solution helped the client to enable a “design anywhere and build anywhere” strategy and accelerate production cycle times effectively.
  • The client was able to bring proper coordination among cross-discipline teams and accelerate the decision-making process.
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