One-of-a-kind Structural Analysis for Floridian Motion Control Expert Completed in One Week

The Client – Florida-based Motion Control Expert

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, the client is a motion control expert comprising of test labs, product assembly and warehousing, and engineering solutions as a Tier 1 supplier for OE manufacturers. Their motion control assemblies include dampers, shock absorbers, air and gas springs, and more, offering specialized engineering products that are customized per customer needs with onsite CAD design, prototype development, and testing. Customers include some of the largest leaders in Construction, Automotive, and Farm equipment companies in the world.

Structural Analysis Requirements for the Projects

The client needed to conduct a complete structural analysis for force and displacement stresses for one of their gas springs, as well as thread bending and thread shear analysis. They required the services of a leading CAD outsourcing company with specific solutions for structural engineering analysis. The client discovered IndiaCADworks (ICW) during an online inquiry, and after consulting with our sales team decided to contract our services due to the following:

  • Demonstrated excellence in all areas of structural analysis, including materials, project scale, codes, and methodologies.
  • Ability to assign an experienced team of engineers with skill performing advanced analysis and design simulation for detailed reports
  • Strong software expertise in AutoCAD, PROKON, Bently’s 3D Analysis, and Software Suite, and the ability to handle a high volume of complex calculations

Challenges Faced by ICW

ICW dealt with some barriers during the course of this critical gas spring structural feasibility analysis:

  • There were a few iterations added to the analysis by the client, which added pressure to the 1-week time constraint.
  • The specific environmental conditions that would impact load conditions were intensive and required multiple testing phases for accuracy, adding further difficulties on time management.

IndiaCADworks’ Approach to This Project

ICW customized a step by step process that would allow us to execute the analysis report for the gas springs without compromising any integrity during the testing stages:

  • The client delivered input to our team, including the 3D product models with all technical and material specifications in CAD files for geometric clean up, and load conditions and preconditions for analysis.
  • ICW assembled a team of three structural engineers with diverse specializations to work on this analysis project with the objective of optimizing the product for the right load conditions.
  • Our team began by doing Meshing on the CAD model parameters provided by the client to create an accurate simulation.
  • The mesh model was then submitted, and load conditions were applied once for multiple pre-conditions across three different variations, including 400, 300, and 200 pounds of load on two different product variants with the same load conditions.
  • The analysis was submitted to the client, and in the case of new iterations, the process was repeated.
  • Following approval, the completed document, which included a full analysis report on stress-strain, where the product failed, a stress map, and maximum load capacity, was submitted to the client in one week.

Additional Value Add by Our Engineering Team

To exceed client expectations, ICW kept close documentation on every aspect of the structural analysis and provided a few recommended modifications to help prevent other failures.

Key Takeaways - One Week Turnaround Time and 60% Cost Saving

ICW completed this structural analysis project in the industrial motion control domain to the client’s satisfaction, with the following takeaways:

  • The client received a 60% cost and time savings while outsourcing with ICW.
  • Thanks to the design recommendations and feasibility reports offered by ICW’s accomplished, diverse engineering team, the client was better able to adapt their gas spring solution.
  • Our team gathered new insights from a technical and engineering standpoint, which would serve to add new value and perspective to other relevant projects.

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