Mechanical Instrument Drafting and Detailing Improvising the Legacy Drawings

About the Client – Trinidad-based Engineering Consulting Firm

The client is an engineering consulting company that focuses on mechanical designs and execution management. They were established back in 2011 and have since grown into a highly successful business and now offer a wide array of engineering designs and project management services. During this journey, the client has developed strong partnerships with engineers that enhance their services by allowing for more flexibility in their customers’ needs.

Their services include execution and planning of shutdowns, assistance with building maintenance programs and developing engineering standards. They love to tackle unique challenges that come with bridging new or modified equipment without disrupting ongoing operations. The client boasts an impressive team of professionals who have over 20 years of experience.

Requirements for This Piping and Instrumentation Drafting Project

The client specializes in developing new strategies and bridging new processes without disruption, so they needed several new piping and instrumentation designs implemented into older designs. They found IndiaCADworks (ICW) while searching for an outsourcing partner and presented us with these requirements:

  • The client required 100 older designs to be redrafted using new requirements.
  • This project needed to be completed within a week.
  • Quality must be guaranteed, and every redraft must be ensured to remain faithful to the original.

Unique Challenge Faced by IndiaCADworks

The initial requirements for the designs were a bit difficult to understand. As the older designs had a few limitations, ICW’s team had to suggest a few design changes before drafting and detailing of the drawings based on the new requirements. We had several discussions with the client in order to solve this problem.

Piping Design and Detailing Process Followed for This Project

This project started with a lot of front-end communications to ensure that we understood the requirements. It was one of the unique projects we’ve ever come across, so we had to create an innovative solution to meet this challenge head-on!

  1. Several initial conversations took place in order to fully understand the requirements of the project. Then we came up with this plan, which was sent to and approved by the client.
  2. The client shared the files with our team of experts for review, after which we had one final round of discussion before starting. We formed a team of three experienced engineers to handle the project.
  3. Working on the old drawings, our team used AutoCAD software to create new piping designs incorporating the changes based on the new requirements specified by the client.
  4. To ensure that the project was being done accurately, we stopped at 25% completion and waited for the client’s feedback before finishing the remaining designs.
  5. We drafted and completed the detailing of the remaining drawings based on the client’s feedback.
  6. The team did a final QC of the files aligning them to the client’s feedback, and then the finalized files were sent to the client.

The Client Received Several Benefits from Our Services

One of the main benefits that the client received was the proactive design change suggestions from ICW’s experienced engineering team. Along with this, the client saved 40% in overhead costs, and their internal teams were able to focus on growth-oriented tasks. The client was happy with the quality of our piping design services and gave us with excellent feedback.

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