CFD Analysis to Optimize Revolutionary Water Purification Product

The Client - American Ceramic UF Membrane Manufacturer

Headquartered in the U.S.A., with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Halberstadt, Germany, the client provides a next-generation ceramic UF membrane for industrial and municipal water treatment and wastewater reuse. Top automated manufacturing technology combined with unprecedented product design allows the client to produce a dependable, cost-effective, and robust membrane that fulfills the demand for ceramic ultrafiltration. With a problem-solving application that’s compatible with both universal racks and open platform systems, the results are more efficient operations and measurable value for end-users.

CFD Analysis for Optimizing Water Purification Product

With a new water purification product in development, the client wanted to optimize product performance, and procure an analysis on the fluid properties, flow rate, pressure, velocity, and density of the fluid. This required a reliable CAD service provider who could conduct Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD) and meet the client’s scheduled 2-month production timeline.

Learning of IndiaCADworks (ICW) through a partner, the client reached out to our sales team and initiated a contract due to the following:

  • ICW’s reputation as a leading CAD outsourcing agency in India, with a demonstrated portfolio of successfully developed projects across a diverse range of industry verticals.
  • Ability to provide a range of CFD modeling and analysis solutions to accelerate the client’s new product development objectives.
  • Expert knowledge of Fluid-Structure Interaction Flows and Hydrodynamics to increase accuracy of all analysis.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s Engineering Team

ICW had to carefully deal with a few specific challenges while working on this complex CFD Simulation Analysis:

  • Understanding the product’s function was initially challenging due to the minimal amount of data provided and demanded the insights of ICW’s Senior Engineers.
  • ICW had to develop proprietary algorithms to analyze the issues surrounding the fluid flows that impacted product performance and integrity, which was a time-consuming task.

ICW’s Approach to This CFD Simulation Analysis Project

To meet the complexity of the analysis requirements and the tight deadline, ICW instilled a custom process for this CFD Simulation Analysis project:

  1. ICW and the client engaged in a consultation to better understand the requirement.
  2. ICW assigned 3 Mechanical Engineers, who were assisted by Senior Engineers when applicable, to work exclusively on this project over the course of 2 months.
  3. The client sent over input in the form of process documentation and CAD files, all of which was thoroughly checked by ICW for model integrity, lost data, and irregular edges.
  4. Based on the results from the integrity check and analysis, ICW performed a Geometric cleanup of the CAD files to correct geometric misrepresentations using automated tools to increase accuracy and reliability.
  5. This was followed by Meshing to define the 3D shape across edges, faces, and vertices, and the report was sent to the client.
  6. ICW then applied loading conditions, fluid properties, flow rate, and pressure to conduct the Test Simulation.
  7. The results were summarized in a draft report to verify that all assumed information was correct and shared with the client.
  8. Upon client approval, ICW ran a full-scale simulation and detailed a final report, including data visualizations, which was delivered to the client.

Additional Value Add

For further project value, ICW’s Senior Engineers provided advisory support to the client to help the client’s vision for their new product to come to fruition.

Key Project Takeaways That Includes 35% Cost Benefit

This CFD Simulation Analysis for a new, next-generation water purification product was concluded to the satisfaction of all, with the following key takeaways:

  • The client optimized their product’s design based on ICW’s analysis and succinct reports, and expressed gratitude at the accuracy and dependability of the results of ICW’s findings.
  • The client saved 35% in costs while outsourcing with ICW, without any compromise in service standards.
  • ICW is pleased to be the preferred CAD service provider for the client based on a new, FTE contract for all modeling, analysis, and drafting solutions for several upcoming new products.

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