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Outsource Mechanical Engineering Services

We have provided mechanical engineering services to numerous companies across the globe for over a decade. Our team of qualified and experienced mechanical engineers is proficient in providing engineering services such as finite element analysis, duct layout design, product animation, finite analysis and product design. Whether it is designing, detailing or drafting, we can handle all phases of your mechanical engineering project.

When you hire IndiaCADworks, you will outsource mechanical engineering to an offshore firm with years of experience working with the best technology in the industry. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality in everything we do.

Mechanical Engineering Services from IndiaCADworks

IndiaCADworks offers Mechanical engineering services designed to match a variety of needs based on the industry, product and development cycle that you need assistance with. These include:

  • 2D Drafting

    IndiaCADworks supports every type of mechanical design plans. Our experienced drafters and engineers utilize the latest CAD technology to deliver 2D drawings for your project.

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  • CAD Conversion

    IndiaCADworks is a trusted partner for your CAD conversion requirements. We cater to your specific needs by providing customized conversation that is 99.99% accurate.

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  • CAD Modeling

    With years of CAD modeling experience, we offer a variety of modeling services, including casting modeling, surface modeling, sheet metal modeling, BOM, and more.

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  • 3D Rendering

    IndiaCADworks will turn your mechanical design blueprints to 3D images via 3D rendering services so that your design & concepts are presented professionally.

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  • Machine Assembly Animation

    Our engineering team alongside animators visualize the product assembly and provide operational depiction in an animated form for training or presentation purposes.

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  • Mechanical Concept Design

    By visualizing the client’s product ideas, our mechanical engineers conceptualize the product that can meet the long-term requirements with a sustainable model.

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  • Product Design Development

    With our cross-discipline iterative design approach, we provide product design analysis, digital prototyping, and product design rendering at a competitive price.

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  • Finite Element Analysis

    IndiaCADworks has extensive experience in finite element analysis. We can help you reduce the time it takes to develop a new design, and put it into full production.

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  • Design Engineering

    At IndiaCADworks, we provide mechanical, structural, HVAC, fire protection, and plumbing designs for commercial, industrial, and residential requirements.

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  • Rapid Prototyping

    Engineers at IndiaCADworks develop the prototype of your product with high-level of accuracy and along with CNC inputs, are ready to be referred for mass production.

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  • Plant Design Engineering

    Leveraging our process engineering and mechanical engineering services, we improve client’s production capabilities by the introducing quality processes and macros.

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  • Industrial Automation Engineering

    ICW increases the operational efficiency of manufacturing plants with laboratory automation, real-time remote monitoring of equipment, and automated product designs.

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  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

    As part of our computational fluid dynamics service, we offer combustion analysis, thermodynamic analysis, aerodynamic analysis, hydrodynamic analysis, and more.

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  • Product Lifecycle Management

    IndiaCADworks provides quality management, BOM management, product data management, etc. adhering to ASTM and other international quality standards.

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  • Prototype Design and Engineering

    The engineering team at IndiaCADworks visualizes the concept and develops working prototypes ready for referring to the production bed.

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  • Value Engineering

    With FMEA, DFA, DFM, DFR, and VAVE process, engineers at ICW ensures that the clients’ products have been designed with utmost quality.

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  • Machine Design

    We provide custom machine designs with the assurance of quality, precision, and high degree of scalability to a defined limit to support future expansions.

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  • Automotive Engineering

    We employ tested engineering design principles to bring the required stability and power to the exterior, body, and overall functionality of the automobile machinery.

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  • Reverse Engineering

    Using cutting technology and years of expertise in this field, IndiaCADworks offers to reverse engineer a wide range of components to meet your needs.

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  • Plastic Injection and Other Mold Design

    The engineering team at IndiaCADworks is specialized in plastic mold design and offers new as well as modifications to existing plastic injection mold designs.

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  • Piping Design

    We are a leading offshore piping engineering service providers armed with industry experience over 12+ years, and experienced engineers in piping design and drafting

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  • Solidworks Services

    IndiaCADworks provides SolidWorks services including 2D/3D modeling, drafting, tolerance analysis, structural optimization, and CAD animation, etc.

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  • CATIA Services

    Our CATIA services supports the product development process of various industries, such as construction, medical, aerospace, automotive, and machinery, etc.

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  • Autodesk© Inventor Services

    With our Autodesk Inventor expertise, we offer a vast range of design automation services, such as parametric 3D modeling, modeling, and simulation, assembly design, etc.

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  • Design Validation and Optimization

    Our experienced engineering design specialists validate designs for performance risks, design flaws, and optimize them for improved operational performance.

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  • Fluid Oil Analysis

    This is a niche offering from IndiaCADworks with specialization in standard SOS analysis, hydraulic fluid condition analysis, gas engine oil analysis, diesel fuel analysis, etc.

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  • CNC Programming

    The skilled CNC programmers at IndiaCADworks ensure precision machining and mass production of complex parts and structures of engineering equipment and machinery.

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IndiaCADworks’ Mechanical Engineering Benefits

  • Quick turnaround time and competitive pricing.
  • Capability to develop customized software specific to your engineering and project management needs.
  • Depth and breadth of expertise across industry verticals.
  • Industrial and product engineering with knowledge of what's involved in intellectual property management – so we can better understand your requirements and provide value-additions.
  • Our certified engineers are proficient in state-of-the-art engineering tools and technologies for enhanced productivity.
  • All our services come at cost-effective rates that are 40-60% less than you would normally spend.

Why You Should Act Now

In the development of new mechanical systems, tools and other mechanical components, there are many factors to consider, such as how that mechanism will respond to load, thermal and other stress conditions. As the economy grows you may find your shop resource-limited for this type of engineering capability. This is when many companies outsource services to an offshore firm. When you outsource mechanical engineering services to IndiaCADworks, you will be working with a company that has the resources in-house and the experience needed to get the job done right while staying with in your strict budget requirements. Click on the “Contact Us” button below to get more information.

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