New Product Development Project for an Australian Gas Compressor Manufacturer

Our Client - An Authority in Efficient Energy Solutions

Based in Australia, our client manufacture and fabricates of gas compressor packages. The client has developed a remarkable plug-and-play design for their gas compressor packages, which allows for improved flexibility while the Variable Speed Drive further improves the product’s ability to cope with a wide range of product portfolios.

Requirements for Designing a New Product

IndiaCADworks (ICW) received the specifications and component details of the client’s gas compressor package, as used in the gas compression and transportation industry. The end goal was for the client to mass produce and sell the product on their own terms.

We needed to assist the client with reverse engineering the machine and remodel the entire gas compressor package. Special attention needed to be paid to the design and development of new product, better packaging, improved piping structure, larger tank capacity, and several other features. The system needed to remain compact and airtight - there was absolutely no wiggle room in this regard.

We were provided with all the details related to the common parts for the machine’s components, including material type and size. Using the received materials as a basis for the redesign, our team reduced the size of the machine, made it more modular, and developed a product that featured increased space for ease of service, and ensured that pressure and moisture indicators were clearly visible.

Challenges Faced By ICW’s Mechanical Engineering Team

As with any complete product redesign, our mechanical engineering team’s biggest challenge was understanding how to balance the client’s intent vs. the received specifications. Developing an entirely new machine based on the client’s vision takes a fair amount of product knowledge and the ability to tweak designs according to client feedback.

Process Outline for the Project

We assigned a team of 3 resources to this project, all of whom worked full-steam-ahead for 60 days to complete the work on time. In addition to our weekly submissions for client review, we developed the following stepwise process:

  • We received input files from the client, including design modification specs, and projected scope of work.
  • We developed a few conceptual design samples and sent them to the client for review.
  • Once we received the client’s feedback, we set about completing the 3D design model using Autodesk Inventor. 2D CAD drawingswere also created during this step.
  • The final designs were sent to the client for well within the expected deadline.

The New Product Design from ICW Expedited the Production Process

Over a 2-month period, we impressed the client with our quick turnaround times and flawless design work. With a relatively small team assigned to the task, we were able to keep the client’s costs down, which further cemented us as a preferred partner for future projects.

Note: References available on request

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