SolidWorks 3D Model of the Air Unit Helped American Firm Visualize the HVAC System

The Client - Dallas-Based Engineering Company

The company is an engineering firm based in Dallas, Texas, that specializes in high performance, air handling units. Operating within the HVAC industry, with a specific focus on high-efficiency centrifugal fans and fan sound quality, our client is able to actualize their own customers’ vision through the application of unique mechanically engineered solutions. In addition to designing highly effective prototypes, the company is able to create promotional videos and marketing materials for their finished products.

Requirements for the 3D Modeling HVAC Project

The client contacted IndiaCADworks (ICW) to provide a detailed, high-quality SolidWorks model. For us to deliver the desired 3D model using SolidWorks 2018, the client provided the design data, PDF, hand-sketched drawings, and previous reference drawings.

Challenges Tackled by Our Team

One of the biggest challenges faced by our team was their ability to understand the exact requirements and thus dealing with the tight deadlines set by the client. As we worked with the client, it was needed to maintain consistent communication. This could have been achieved through daily interaction calls; however, as a result of the magnitude of the tasks, this was not always possible. We aimed to have one coordinator in the client’s location, however, due to logistical constraints, this was not feasible. Finally, a structured file transfer protocol needed to be set for transfers from the client to our firm, and we monitored it periodically to avoid any communication gap.

Process Followed by the ICW Team to Create the SolidWorks Model

We put together a team of two CAD experts, one engineer, and one manager to handle this 3D modeling project. Each model required 15 working days to complete.

The team went through the following process when presented with new challenges from the client:

  1. The client shared the design documentation and the standard models (i.e., filters, cooling coils, fans, outdoor units, dampers, actuators) through the file transfer protocol.
  2. Afterward, the firm used this information to produce a conceptual design for the client (placement, mounting, installation, and servicing).
  3. The team then submitted the conceptual design to the client for approval. Thereafter, the 3D modeling process commenced in SolidWorks.
  4. Once the modeling process was finalized, we produced the manufacturing drawing in SolidWorks.
  5. The file was then submitted to the client for final approval.
  6. The finalized file was sent to the rendering team for visualization and presentation purposes.

Any possible trials which may have needed conducting throughout the process were done so accordingly.

Key Project Takeaways from This SolidWorks 3D Modeling Project

As part of our SolidWorks software-enabled services, ICW delivered the 3D CAD model as specified by the client with utmost detail and accuracy. Our transparent communication process ensured that the client was kept in the loop throughout the process, which achieved high applause from the client.

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