2D to 3D Conversion of Mechanical Legacy Drawings into SolidWorks Files

The Client – An American Engineering Company

The client is one of the premier representatives and distributors of their clients’ most valuable resource and the parent company of seven industrial pipelines. They are represented by over two hundred professionals around the globe who provide hands-on assistance to businesses. Their mission is to meet their clients’ needs through an assortment of proven manufacturing technologies. They also offer a number of services like painting, CNC machining, assembly, testing, and extensive quality processes to ensure that their services exceed their customers’ expectations.

Their focus is on the development of processes and finding ways to improve them. By using certain proven techniques like lean manufacturing, the client has been able to streamline their customers’ productivity, sales techniques, and services. Their mission is to develop innovative solutions for manufacturing processes, creating new products, enhancing existing products, and reaching new markets.

Requirements For this 2D to 3D Conversion Project

The client is committed to helping their clients develop innovative ways to improve certain processes, so they required 1600 older 2D images to be converted into a 3D format. After searching the internet for an outsourcing provider, they found IndiaCADworks and approached us with the following requirements:

  • 1600 images had to be converted from old 2D drawings into 3D models.
  • The project had a 6-month duration, which was a pretty tight window.

Unique Challenges Faced by IndiaCADworks

The details were not fully detailed during the initial input we received so we reviewed each batch of files separately and then sent the client the RFI files. They provided feedback on how to handle it. Then once we had clarity, we completed the remainder of the conversions.

We also had weekly meetings with the client to discuss the previous week’s progress.

SolidWorks Conversion Process Followed by IndiaCADworks

We knew immediately that in order to meet the requirements for this project, we needed to develop a plan of action. The 2D to 3D conversion process we laid out for this project was as follows:

  1. At first, we were faced with the challenge of the project not being fully detailed so we had to work out a few bugs. We came up with a solution which we showcased using RFI files. Once they approved this measure, we could begin the project.
  2. Based on the client’s feedback received during the initial step, we started working on the 3D modeling in SolidWorks.
  3. A QC person quality checked the files around the instructions or markups in the original drawings.
  4. The files were sent to the client for review and the change requests if any were addressed
  5. The final set of SolidWorks files were sent to the client through a secured FTP.

Key Project Benefits from This 2D to SolidWorks File Conversion Project

Apart from the 40% saving in overhead costs by using our services, the client’s teams were able to focus on other value-added tasks. The client gained access to our experienced team and tapped into our unique skillset. At the end of it, a happy client and completion of this 2D to 3D conversion project on a good note was the greatest takeaway for the ICW team.

If you have a similar project where you need specialized assistance in SolidWorks enabled services or CAD conversion, get in touch with us.

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