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Canadian Company Outsourced with ICW and Received SolidWorks Drawings of Beauty Studio Fixtures within Short Delivery Timeline

Client Profile – Beauty Studio Fixture Manufacturer

Based in Toronto, Canada, the client is a marketing services provider for leading retailers and brand manufacturers worldwide. Their business model is developed around a process of starting with exceptional strategy and elevated design. Once the base design is ready, the client has a unique approach to involve all their skilled engineers and production staff to take the design to the next level with factual visualization. The team usually utilizes the latest manufacturing techniques and tools toward the development of the actual product and has received many awards by creating marbelous fixtures and displays.

Requirements from the Client

The client wanted to develop innovative and aesthetically pleasing metal fixtures for Beauty Studios and needed a trusted outsourcing partner who could provide the SolidWorks detailing at a cost-effective price. Input would be provided in the form of material details, AutoCAD files for conversions, and Parasolid or .stp file format for fixtures.

After finding IndiaCADworks (ICW) online and speaking with the sales team about the various assignment details, the client moved forward in contracting ICW due to the following qualifications:

  • Expertise in new product development across a wide range of industries, and proven experience in delivering high quality, accurate SolidWorks drawings.
  • Ability to complete the entire project within a very short timeframe, and adheres to the client’s requested budget constraints.
  • Capacity to apply pre-existing knowledge as needed to augment the project based on the goal of further refining the fixture detailing.

Challenges Faced by ICW

ICW’s team faced a few specific challenges during this SolidWorks drawing and detailing assignment:

  • Analyzing the 2D drawings to come up with an innovative design in 3D was both time consuming and complex.
  • Short delivery timeline for this kind of project involving innovation was another challenge.

How IndiaCADworks Approached This Project

Ensuring this project could be managed both effectively and successfully required the development of a customized process by the ICW team:

  • ICW organized a consultation with the client to discuss all project parameters and requested deliverables.
  • Two dedicated resources were assigned to develop the fixture first, and fifteen resources were assigned to the 2D to 3D Conversion to enable completion of 10 projects per week.
  • The client delivered the approved Parasolid model input, non-engineering designs.
  • ICW then received the material details from the client, which included wood, acrylic, and sheet metal details, as well as plumbing and electric routing details.
  • ICW began the process of Fixture detailing in SolidWorks, providing the SolidWorks part and assembly models.
  • The 2D to 3D conversion process was then started, whereby ICW converted the AutoCAD 2D files to SolidWorks 3D models to enable visualization of the model by the client’s customers.
  • Planograms (POG) was also created in SolidWorks to ensure that the placement of products on the retail shelves could be properly indicated in the model.

Project Completion on a Good Note

Due to the diligence of the ICW team in developing efficient, accurate 3D SolidWorks drawings, ICW was able to extend the following results:

  • The client received all deliverables on time, with very few change requests requiring minimal modifications.
  • As a result of good closure to this project, the client offered another seasonal project to IndiaCADworks.

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