Architectural Visualization and 3D Product Animation for 25 Billion Dollar Japanese Firm

The Client- Industry Leader in CNC Machine Manufacturing

Founded in 1915, our client produces horizontal and vertical CNC machine tools - all of which are manufactured in-house. With decades-long experience and a highly experienced workforce, the client has been assisting numerous large-scale industrial manufacturing business houses across the world with cutting-edge machinery.

With upcoming trade fairs and exhibitions, they needed a way to showcase their new products. Their main featured product was a vertical 5-axis CNC machine for which they needed the assistance of IndiaCADworks’ team of 3D product modeling and animation experts.

Requirements for the 3D Product Animation Project

The client provided IndiaCADworks (ICW) with a 3D model which we needed to transform into a 2-minute animated video. We needed to make sure that we captured the motion of the equipment spindle, technical displays, component integration, and more.

For this particular project, we worked on three product models and assigned four resources to keep things running smoothly.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s Architectural Visualization Team

The biggest challenge we faced was identifying the client’s intent and building the storyboard. With no concrete details or guidelines provided, we needed to infer from context precisely what the client’s goals for the animation were.

Our Extensive Product Animation Process

To complete this project smoothly and promptly, we followed a detailed step-wise process utilizing 3dsmax and MAYA as our primary software choices:

  • After receiving the input files from the client, we modeled and processed the outline and completed the texturing and color details, speed, of the product animation.
  • We created the storyboard and sent it to the client for approval.
  • Once we received approval, we proceeded to create the animation.
  • Next, we completed a thorough QC to confirm technical accuracy.
  • After completing the QC, we delivered the animation video to the client.
  • Using the client’s feedback, we adjusted the video and sent off the final file.

Project Takeaways

The client was thoroughly impressed with the speed and accuracy of our work, as well as our ability to put together an animation that was in line with their vision. Add to this our extremely affordable rates, and it’s no surprise that the client will be working with us on similar projects in the future.

Note: References available on request

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