80 Revit MEP Models Delivered for London-based Construction Firm’s Grand Project

The Client - Heat Network and Construction Experts

Having grown into a globally recognized company, the London-based client is a firm of industry-leading engineering design and energy management experts. They specialize in providing their customers with cutting-edge technical support and systems to obtain a reliable and sustainable energy source.

They provide services in the lines of sustainability consulting, heat network facilities management, and specialized building services. Believing in quality first and foremost, the client has adopted a customer-based approach backed by targeted company development and growth.

Requirements for the CAD Drafting Project

The client approached our team with a project involving MEP coordinated models on some of their residential apartment projects. We were required to use the provided documents and input this information into Revit software to create a structurally sound process for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in conjunction with their complex building plans.

The client needed this done for four different apartment types in A, B, C, D categories, and we were to complete 20 to 30 separate apartment plans for each type. The stipulated timeline was a total of 8 weeks, with the use of 10 team members.

Challenges Tackled by ICW’s Engineering Team

Due to the high-stress industry the client operates in, they expected a high level of accuracy and professionalism from our team while working on this project. However, when tackling this task, we were faced with a few challenges that impacted our working process at first. In addition to the Revit digital models the client required, they also needed tailor-made drawing presentations of the apartments that adhered to UK construction standards.

To deal with these challenges, we ensured to double check exactly what the revised UK construction Standards currently are (including any symbology and information that engineers and designers need to include on their drawings), whether they are produced in 2D or 3D, created using CAD systems and 3D modeling.

By paying close attention to this step, we were able to create a working formula that could be applied to each drawing and thereby sped up our process speeds and increased our output confidence.

Stepwise Process for the 3D Modeling and Drafting Assignment

At IndiaCADworks, we take extreme pride in each and every project we handle, ensuring to apply along earned the professional level of accuracy and expertise.

Our Step by Step Process Was as Follows:

  • Following our initial meeting with the client, they sent us the required documents via email.
  • We inputted the information of these documents into the Revit Software and began creating the models.
  • Once the estimated batch of models was completed, we sent them to the client for an inspection using an IFC file format.
  • The client responded to us with any edits or changes that needed to take place, which we executed and then worked the required drawings.
  • Finally, the finished outputs were sent to the client.

Exceptional Steps Taken to Meet the Client’s Objectives

At the beginning of this project, the client agreed to 2 days per apartment as a set timeline. However, when their needs changed and certain models were needed sooner, we adapted to the circumstances by assigning more resources to the task and finished the models in one day instead of two.

Precision in the Models and Meeting the Tight Deadline Were the Takeaways

It is easy to understand why the expectations of the construction and drafting industries are so high. Not only do these professionals create and provide comfort and luxury. They are also tasked with ensuring safety and accountability too.

At IndiaCADworks, this level of performance is something we respect and aim to match in each and every project we handle. With years of experience under our belt, we have become adept at producing successful outputs, finished off with that special professional touch. The client was immensely pleased with our work and has since requested for more projects to be handled by us.

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