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American Architect Outsourced MEP Drafting Project to IndiaCADworks and Received Well-Documented MEP Drawings

Client Profile

As an established builder and architect based in the United States, the client focuses on their area of expertise in construction and civil architecture. The client was planning a high priority project that involved the designs for an eighteen story building with approximately 2.5 million square feet of build area. The project required meticulous organization in the form of numerous schematics and MEP services.

Client Requirements

The client was in need of a trustworthy and qualified outsourcing partner to assist them in their project detailing, which included MEP drafting and detailing, schematics, and firefighting code planning. The client reached out to the team at IndiaCADworks (ICW) due to our reputation as a proven global leader in MEP drafting and detailing services. After an initial consultation, the client decided to engage the services of ICW due to the experience level in successfully executing architectural and construction projects of this scale and caliber.

This project required numerous well-planned deliverables from ICW:

  • Schematic diagrams for all MEP services
  • Equipment schedule for all MEP services
  • Ventilation schedule
  • Riser diagrams
  • Airflow designs
  • Basement ventilation designs
  • Domestics water layout
  • Stormwater layout
  • Gas piping layout

Challenges Faced by ICW

While working on this architectural project, the team at ICW faced several challenges:

  • A project of this complexity and scale involved a lot of detail-intensive tasks and intricate planning for each component.
  • The client set a very tight schedule for the entire project, and the six-month deadline was challenging given the level of tasks, planning, and coordination involved.
  • The team at ICW had to conduct research before planning to ensure that the project would adhere to the legal approval standards regarding build area, electrical, and fire coding designs in the build location.
  • The project designs had to be configured around groundwater quality and availability in the build location.

Solutions Presented by ICW

This architectural project required a high level of finesse and planning. Thus ICW developed a tailored process:

  • After receiving the initial project brief, the ICW team engaged in several consultation sessions with the client to fully understand the project’s concept designs and comprehend the entire requirements.
  • ICW assigned fourteen resources to work exclusively on this project, and the requirements were focused on the following:
    • Build location
    • Criticality of the structure and purpose of usage
    • Floor plan and section plan
    • Occupancy details
    • Redundancy level on air cooling back-up chillers
    • Equipment load details that included electricity load details
    • Specific requirements that included gas connection, Building Management System (BMS), and Integrated BMS standards, etc.
    • Codes and standards to be used in the project documents
  • The team developed an initial design brief and sent to the client for approval before moving forward.
  • Once the client approved, the team developed the initial set of design drawings for each requested service: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Coding, and includes the Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP). These drawings encompassed the single-line diagrams.
  • These design drawings were then sent to the client for approval, and after client’s approval, the team moved ahead and created the final version of the drawing sets for each service.
  • Following this, the team created the coordinated layouts for the construction drawings, which were then delivered to the client for approval and review.
  • After ICW received the client’s approval for the layouts, the team delivered the technical specifications for the project. Notes, legends, and symbol sets were also sent over as part of the final reference document.
  • The entire project was completed on time, and all the deliverables were sent to the client within the scheduled deadline.

Exceptional steps taken by ICW to ensure the client’s requirements were met:

The client had set a very short delivery timeline, which was a significant constraint on executing the project on schedule. To meet the deadline and adhere to a strict quality benchmark, a risk analysis was conducted by the team, and the following efforts were made:

  • A detailed task-wise course of action was prepared for each week.
  • ICW trained backup resources so that work on the project could continue without any delays in the absence of a dedicated resource.
  • The ICW team enacted detailed documentation of all tasks for smooth communication among the resources, a warm handover, and transparent task update for the client.
  • The team performed three-level quality checks to confirm that the project was completed to the highest possible standards, and to ensure a zero-defect delivery.

The Results

A project of this size and detail was completed successfully across all tasks by the dedicated team at ICW, and the following results occurred:

  • The client received well-documented MEP drawings executed with all possible detailing of the infrastructure in the build area.
  • The project was completed according to the client’s exact timeline and delivered on time.
  • We completed another architectural project and added the success story to our credentials.

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