MEP Design for a Building Spanning Across 200000 Square Feet in Georgia

The Client - Leading American Engineering Firm

Located in Georgia, the USA, our client is an engineering firm that offers top quality building commissioning services for both new construction projects and existing buildings. Having come across ICW and our range of services, the client realized that we would be the perfect fit for their MEP design review project.

The project covered an enormous building area of 2,00,000square feet - one of the largest projects we have ever tackled. It would require engineering calculations to be completedwithin 12 days, as such we assigned a total of 4 members (one project manager and three senior engineers) to the task.

Requirements for Construction Plan and Cost Estimation

The client required us to work on both construction documentation and design development levels to determine the exact cost estimation and feasibility of the project.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s Team

Our biggest challenge with this particular project was location specific. Additionally, we had no concrete knowledge of the equipment involved in the construction process and as such needed to do additional research to figure out the correct details.

Process Outline for the Project

To ensure the best quality of service, we developed a detailed step-wise approach for this project.

  • After ironing out the finer details with the client, we received a PDF document containing the MEP designs.
  • We put together an experienced team and completed the design evaluation process.
  • At all times, we made sure to follow the necessary ASHRAE standards and NFPA codes.
  • Our expert team made use of the following tools:
    • HAP (HVAC calculation)
    • DIALUX – lighting calculation
  • We prepared a detailed document and submitted it to the client well before the end of the 12-day deadline.

Key Takeaways from This Project

The client was extremely satisfied with the quality of our work. Additionally, we were better equipped to handle the tight deadline than our competitors would be, which ensured that the client remained impressed with our work ethic throughout the duration of the project. Our team handled this task especially well, and as such we have cemented several future projects with the client.

Note: References available on request

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