Class-free MEP Modeling for American Design Engineering Firm

The Client – US-based MEP Design Firm

The client is an M/E/P/FP (Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing, Fire Protection) Design Engineering Firm based in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. founded in 1989. Utilizing extensive experience in healthcare, higher education, pharmaceuticals, and research facilities, the client offers comprehensive services that include feasibility studies, utility, and chilled water plant design. With a proven reputation of meeting and exceeding expectations and providing additional value to various settings, the client has maintained a high level of customer loyalty and a reputation as an innovator in their industry.

M/E/P/FP Requirements for the Project

The client was handling a high-value contract with a Music College and needed to do MEP modeling that was completely clash-free between the different services. As the site was an indoor auditorium and the exact location of equipment did not negatively impact acoustics, zero error MEP modeling was the core requirement. They needed to work with an outsourcing CAD company who offered mechanical and electrical engineering services and could meet the client’s needs across the development cycle.

The client discovered IndiaCADworks (ICW) through our website and decided to partner with us due to the following:

  • Experience in pipe stress and flexibility analysis to ensure accurate analysis of the pipe network for safety and reliability.
  • Ability to provide solutions for mechanical concept design, including structural and thermal analysis, control and panel design, and obsolescence management.
  • Ability to provide class-free M/E/P modeling that would help the client mitigate any risk in the early stages of design.

Challenges Faced by ICW’s MEP Team

ICW faced a few challenges while working on this MEP modeling project:

  • The complexity of the requirement and the tight deadline were the key challenges without sacrificing accuracy and quality.
  • The ICW team had to work from the client’s old PDF files which contained a significant amount of illegible data.
  • The low-quality input files made coordination across the different M/E/P services quite challenging.

How We Dealt with the Project Challenges

ICW relied on the experience in MEP modeling to create a customized step-by-step approach for this complex project:

  • ICW consulted with the client to go over the project deals and established a comprehensive understanding of the development requirements for the product.
  • ICW assigned eight dedicated resources with experience in M/E/P modeling to work exclusively on this project and apply tier mechanical and engineering knowledge to the successful development of this project.
  • The team performed in-depth research about the M/E/P modeling standards in the client’s state and country.
  • WIP files were shared with the client for feedback and approval.
  • ICW then used Revit and Navisworks to create a 3D model of the various M/E/P designs.
  • A reliability test plan was conducted to ensure there were no design flaws and facilitate ongoing design and production.
  • Following a QC check, the final output was sent to the client as a Revit file via Dropbox.

Key Project Takeaways for This MEP Modeling Project

ICW was able to conclude this M/E/P modeling project successfully with the following key takeaways:

  • The client was satisfied with the aptitude demonstrated by the ICW team in understanding the client’s requirement and ensuring a rapid turnaround.
  • The client was able to continue forward with their music college contract using ICWs accurate M/E/P modeling.
  • ICW accepted another contract from the client to perform electronic circuit design and gained a valuable and loyal new client.

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