Leading Urban Landscape Advisor Seeks Quantity Estimation for Architectural Blueprints

The Client – UK-based Urban Landscape Advisor

The client is a U.K. based business that specializes in helping landscape developers, architects, and designers push past the boundaries of what they thought was possible for the urban landscape industry. Their main goal is to help businesses improve the way things are done and find ways for them to solve new challenges. They accomplish this by turning the problem inside out and staying at the front of innovation.

By using innovative systems, the client seeks to help businesses in the urban landscape industry create inspiring and functional places that people will thoroughly enjoy. Their target customers are businesses that are inspired by innovation and seeking to find solutions to their outdoor architectural design challenges. The client has taken all of the hassle out of the process for businesses to develop amazing spaces.

Project Requirements Set Forth by the Client

The client’s commitment to seeking innovative solutions requires them to focus most of their internal resources toward meeting their primary goals. So, when they needed estimation and quantity take-up for certain plans, they searched for an outsourcing partner to provide this service. That’s when they found IndiaCADworks (ICW) and presented the following requirements:

  • Outsourcing provider must be able to complete 3 to 4 projects every day.
  • Estimation of materials from roof, terrace planters, pedestal, and decking plans.

Project Challenges Faced by the Team at ICW

Meeting the daily goal of deliverables was the biggest challenge faced by our team. As per our leadership team’s suggestion, the team had to scale up to meet the volume agreed with the client.

Customized Approach to Meet the Quota of Daily Deliverables

ICW needed to form a plan in order to meet the challenges presented from this project, most notably the daily requirements. Streamlining it into a step-by-step process seemed to be the most efficient direction to take.

  1. 1. After the initial trial process, our team communicated with the client in order to get a detailed understanding of the requirements. That’s when we presented this plan to them.
  2. We used our internal file management system to receive the files from the client.
  3. We went through the architectural drawings to identify locations where the quantity needed to be estimated.
  4. Once finished, we shared the file with the client (RFI format) with the missing data added.
  5. Our team took the length and breadth measurements from the drawings and then calculated the volume for each floor separately. We then summed up all of the items and then sent it to the client.

Outsourcing This Project to ICW Provided the Client with Numerous Benefits

The client was able to free up their internal resources by outsourcing the time-consuming cost estimation and quantity takeoff tasks. This allowed them to focus on other priority tasks saving money on the overhead costs. With the accuracy level and the proactive communication, the client could handover the entire project without having much monitoring or support freeing up significant resource cost.

If you are looking to outsource a similar cost estimation project on ad-hoc or a long-term basis, contact us for a custom quote today.

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