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IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides eLearning documentation services to assist engineering firms worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe, in preparing internal or external technical learning materials. For internal/external self-paced learning or reference documents for clients or prospective customers to learn about processes, techniques, and technologies, ICW helps organizations with their documentation requirements.

With subject matter expertise and years of experience in providing high-value architectural, mechanical, and other software-enabled services, ICW’s engineering documentation team develops precise eLearning documents for engineers to customers. By leveraging the expertise in tools like Photoshop, Aftereffects, AutoCAD, and more, our team ensures that the visual aspects of your aid the learning process. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

eLearning Documentation Services Provided by IndiaCADworks

The precise technical documentation services you need will vary based on your needs and specific situation. Still, IndiaCADworks offers highly adaptable teams that provide an array of valuable eLearning documentation services adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards you may wish to utilize:

  • Infographic and graphical view generation If you have all the text written out as you need, sometimes you’ll realize that what’s missing is a visually pleasing way to express that same information. Our design experts at IndiaCADworks can help you create infographics and graphics to match your eLearning goals.
  • Animated educational tools Taking that a step further, sometimes the easiest way to convey an idea is through a video with movement. At IndiaCADworks, we can elevate your eLearning documentation by integrating custom made animations.
  • 3D visualization tools Another key tool for the eLearning chest is 3D visualizations, such as models and graphics. The eLearning documentation services delivered by IndiaCADworks aren’t restricted to just two dimensions, and are experts in all sorts of CAD programs can create custom 3D visualizations as well.
  • Interactive eLearning documentation deliverables While many lessons require the visual for fully optimized learning, others will need to use of interactive eLearning documentation tools. Using our expertise, we can help create graphics that people can interact with in different ways and learn in that way.
  • Integration of audio, visual, and text Bringing it all together, we can put our eLearning documentation services to use to marry audio with visual and text so that the eLearning lesson can match exactly what you’re imagining.

Why Outsource eLearning Documentation Services to IndiaCADworks?

IndiaCADworks is a trusted firm in the industry that can deliver eLearning documentation services with unparalleled success. The reasons why IndiaCADworks come down to our technical benefits from our offerings:

  1. Access to necessary software tools: It’s impossible to truly get started with eLearning documentation services without access to the right tools, so the experts at IndiaCADworks have access to and training in all of the state of the art software tools and their latest updates.
  2. Subject matter expertise: All the engineering documents from ELTs to product/service reference documents, all the engineering created by our team, is backed by the QC by a team of subject matter expertise for accuracy.
  3. Adaptable file type: Whether you’re looking for documentation in HTML, Flash, MP4 Video, or any other file type, IndiaCADworks can deliver the exact adaptable file type you require.
  4. Cloud-based deliverables: The beauty of eLearning is that it can take place any time and in any place, so it makes sense that your eLearning documentation will be best delivered via the cloud. IndiaCADworks will work with you to make sure you have cloud access and backups to all your final products.
  5. Project delivery tools to allow for agile delivery: As we develop your eLearning documents for you, IndiaCADworks will utilize project delivery tools that ensure everything runs smoothly, is delivered to the right people, and on time, and nothing is left up to chance. Our technical tools ensure high quality in product and in service.

Partner with IndiaCADworks as Your eLearning Documentation Services

At IndiaCADworks, we’re committed to making sure that your eLearning needs are met with the optimal detailing and precision. The visual part of the learning and education process, whether that’s for academic, product demonstration, training, or other purposes, Our engineering documentation team ensures you of the quality. By partnering with IndiaCADworks to develop your eLearning documentation services, everyone who uses your courses will receive crisp, clear, and useful content. To find out more about how we can team with you, reach out to us for a free consultation today.

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