3D Landscape Modeling and Photorealistic Rendering for a Reputed Engineering Firm

The Client – A Structural Engineering Consultant with Over 40 Years’ Experience

The client is a structural and engineering consulting firm that has established a reputation for excellence in the industry. They’ve been in business since 1966, providing engineering services in the form of consultation for building codes, structural engineering, architectural engineering, and on-site evaluations.

Some of the more specific consultation projects include office buildings, warehouse design, factories, garages, apartments, condominiums, and other residential complexes. The client’s vision bridges traditional solutions with the varying changes in regulations while being able to provide their customers with outside the box ideas.

Architectural 3D Modeling Project Requirements

The client required realistic 3D models from two different camera angles for their real estate properties, so they searched the internet for an experienced outsourcing partner. That’s when they found IndiaCADworks and opened communications. Their requirements were as follows:

  • They required two-property models to be created from the blueprint, landscape details, and elevation drawings.
  • This project had to be completed within two weeks.
  • The 3D models had to be received in PNG format.

Challenges to This Real Estate 3D Modeling and Rendering Project

This project was challenging at first due to the virtual visualization, so we had to communicate with the client. Our team of experts reviewed these challenges and came up with several compromises. Then we brought up those suggestions, and the client approved them.

We also faced a strict deadline of two weeks, and that proved to be a challenge in itself due to the virtual visualization challenges we faced.

Customized Approach to This Challenging Architectural 3D Modeling Project

IndiaCADworks developed a customized approach to this high-value 3D modeling project that was built around the client’s needs. This step-by-step approach ensured that all of the requirements were met and that all the challenges were addressed.

  1. We had an initial conversation with the client, where we addressed all of the challenges. The main issue had to do with virtual visualization, but once we worked that out, we were able to develop this plan, which was later approved by the client.
  2. We received all of the input files that would be used to create the 3D model. These inputs included blueprints, landscape details, and elevation drawings.
  3. Our team of experts created a 3D modeling rendering with basic textures. This step focused on getting a 3D model up with minimal detail so that we could provide the client with a look at the basics of their design.
  4. We sent the partial model for the client to review before we moved on to the full design.
  5. Once the client approved the basic design, we began working on the full architectural 3D model. Then we exported it into PNG format.
  6. We sent the full design to the client for approval. Once approved, they provided feedback and a stellar review.

Our Real Estate 3D Modeling and Rendering Service Benefited the Client

In addition to gaining access to our team of experienced 3D modeling professionals, the client experienced a 40% reduction in labor costs. The client also did not have to invest in expensive software like Lumion or V-Ray, which served as additional cost savings for them. If you have similar requirements and you are seeking professional V-Ray enabled services, architectural 3D modeling or rendering services, contact us for a free quote.

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