Case Study

Map Zoning Project for US-Based Consulting and Expediting Company

The Client - A Leading Consulting and Expediting Company

Headquartered in the US, our client is an industry-leading consulting and expediting company. The firm takes on a wide variety of projects ranging from basic residential permits all the way through to large commercial projects.

Requirements for the Map Zoning Project

The client contacted IndiaCADworks (ICW) with a project of creating radius maps of specific geography in the US. The ICW team was required to compare this with the tax map and deliver the final map scaled as per the layout and design of Google Maps. We needed to complete 40 maps in a month, and as a result, we assigned a team of skilled resources who were experienced in the job.

Challenges Faced by Our Team

One of the main challenges we dealt with was a lack of data on some of the Excel sheets. Just as an example, it is impossible to do proper land use zoning on a map without plot numbers. In cases like these, we needed to revert back to the client to ask for further details. This to-and-fro communication caused delays in a situation where our teams were already working on a tight project timeline.

The Process that IndiaCADworks Followed

Excel and AutoCAD as our main software for this project, our team of three dedicated resources followed a careful, step-wise approach:

  • Once our civil engineering team received the infrastructure details, including house number, lane number, and other relevant location markers in the form of an Excel sheet, we were able to gain a better understanding of the project requirements.
  • We were also provided with the tax map for the particular region, which we needed to overlay over Google Maps.
  • Our team then continued to scale the Google Map in question and update any required details.
  • Using the client-provided Excel sheet, we added the names to the newly developed map and uploaded it to the client’s secure online database.

The Project that Paved the Way for More Business

We leveraged our GIS surveying services and were able to complete the project within the client’s expected timeline while adhering to stringent quality standards. The customer was highly satisfied with our work and the accompanying price tag, and we hope to do further business with them in the future.

Note: References available on request

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