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Outsource Orthophoto Production Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides orthophoto production services for precisely calculating the planimetric distance between real map objects. By extracting key information from aerial photographs concerning roads, buildings, water bodies, vegetation, and other remarkable landscapes, ICW helps digitize and analyze the 2D map worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Catering to the need of Utilities, Land Management, Urban Planning, and Governmental Agencies, our geospatial engineers suggest appropriate orthorectifications by using cartographic layers and standardized scale. Apart from geospatial services, land development, services, and more, if you require any specialized services that include geo-referencing, base layer mapping for GIS, the transformation between digital formats, orthorectification, etc., contact us.

Orthophoto Production Services Offered by IndiaCADworks

Our Orthophoto Production Services encompass a range of projects adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards, including the following:

  • General creation of base map layers for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Production of full Color Orthophotos for geometrically corrected features such as bridges and overpasses for use by mapping agencies
  • Black and White Orthophotos, rectifying every frame to ensure full coverage of an area
  • Thermal imagery of cities for heat analysis to assist Urban Planning Authorities
  • Updating of original Orthophotos when ground conditions have changed significantly

Benefits of Availing ICW’s Orthophoto Production Services

  • Standardized maps - We can help you meet your budget without sacrificing quality by offering Black and White Orthophotos instead of color.
  • Precise orthorectification - If accuracy is important to your project, we can produce the most accurate images in the industry.
  • All formats supported - Our digital Orthophotos can be easily shared among different agencies.
  • Digitization and transformation of maps - We provide services to update your original Orthophotos if needed. We can do this quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Bank on the past experience - Our experience with Airborne Digital Sensors is unparalleled, as is our ability to produce orthophotography using a variety of techniques and for a variety of deliverables.
  • Understanding of LiDAR - We are adept in developing projects using LiDAR-derived elevation models, as well as the use of Autocorrected surfaces.

IndiaCADworks Can be Your Orthorectification Partner

Orthophoto production services are a highly specialized task in the geospatial space that can often be costly and time-consuming to achieve quality results. At IndiaCADworks, our engineers have the professionals and processes to perform this work within your project’s timeline and budget. Our adherence to international quality standards guarantees the precision of the digitized planimetric maps you require.

For all your orthophoto digitization, analysis, and standardization requirements, contact ICW today.

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