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Outsource Terrain Modeling Services

ICW is a leading offshore outsourcing company that specializes in providing practical, focused solutions to a broad range of global clients. One of the many industry sectors we serve is that of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We employ some of this industry’s most highly qualified specialists, many of whom have worked in GIS for over 15 years. Our target clients are those in the businesses of Utilities, Land Management, Transportation, Geological Mapping and Location-based Services.

As one of our GIS offerings, we produce high resolution, solid, three-dimensional Terrain Models. We experience a high level of demand for this service from urban planners, architects, educators, museums and resource-based businesses such as mining, and oil & gas companies.

Terrain Modeling Services We Offer

Following are some of the features of our Terrain Modeling business:

  • We develop and deploy Terrain Models to support 3D analysis. Surfaces derived from LiDAR, photogrammetric techniques, and autocorrelated surfaces, provide a framework for which a “skin” of realistic imagery is applied, creating a lifelike 3D scene.
  • We can produce plaster, foam or thermoplastic Terrain Models.
  • We can create different models for the same project in situations where a client requests 3D models to compare competing architect proposals.
  • For urban planning clients, we prepare Terrain Models to aid in visualization of a planned infrastructure project.
  • We offer full color, high resolution printing of Terrain Models.

Benefits of Outsourcing Terrain Modeling to ICW:

  • Our expertise in 3D CAD modeling means you will receive the most accurate Terrain Models possible.
  • Our Terrain Models are much easier to understand for the average person than two-dimensional maps.
  • We have numerous locations around the world, so we can securely deliver models from our closest location.
  • We can produce models of any size, even ones suitable for wall hanging. No requirements are too large or too small for our specialists.
  • We have a proven track record of delivering the highest quality Terrain Modeling Services at the industry’s lowest price.

Why You Should Act Now

Solid Terrain Models are the best means for the general public to visualize land formations and architectural proposals. Often clients require these models on an expedited procurement schedule that most modeling companies are not equipped to handle.

When a project demands a tight schedule, the best solution is to outsource your Terrain Modeling project to ICW. We have the people and systems needed to produce the highest quality Terrain Modeling Services worldwide, quickly and cost-effectively.

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