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Terrain Modeling Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides precise drafting and design services to civil engineering and construction companies worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. As part of the civil engineering service, ICW offers digital terrain modeling that involves gathering the topographical survey, GIS, and photogrammetric data for a specific site and then using software to translate this into a countered ground map. Our team of digital terrain modeling experts is available to produce detailed ground models for land use studies, construction, and drainage projects.

Our engineering team ensures exact results with the level of detail and inclusion of various data sources adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards. Terrain models are useful during the planning and design stages, as they highlight any potential problems that may arise with groundworks. The contoured 3D model that we provide can include planimetric data and images to assist with successful project planning.

Terrain Modeling Services from IndiaCADworks

ICW has invested in the latest software and makes use of advanced techniques to ensure that the terrain data that you receive for transportation planning, land use, and other geological applications are accurate. Our range of terrain modeling services include but not limited to, the following:

  • Land Use Studies The geospatial modeling team at IndiaCADworks uses the latest software to create detailed terrain models for land use studies. These terrain models include vegetation, existing infrastructure, and utilities, as well as topographical contours.
  • Terrain Models for Construction Planning and Design Full site analysis using satellite imagery and photogrammetric data. 3D contoured maps are created that allow for accurate planning of groundworks for construction and infrastructure projects. Topography models can also be incorporated directly into existing CAD designs on request.
  • Terrain Models for Drainage Planning and Design Drainage projects are reliant on accurate modeling of ground conditions. Rise and fall for drainage systems can be accurately calculated from the terrain models.
  • Storm Management Modeling of known or potential flood plains for stormwater management. Terrain models are precise enough to be used for storm drainage and countermeasure design.
  • Municipal Planning Terrain Models Detailed digital terrain models and maps can be optimized for the town and municipal planning purposes with buildings and infrastructure included in the model, as well as the geophysical landscape.
  • Volumetric Calculations ICW engineers can carry out volumetric calculations from terrain models to help plan cut and fill projects such as railroad embankments and highway construction.

Why Outsource Terrain Modeling Services to IndiaCADworks?

Apart from some key services in the civil engineering space, such as geospatial services, land development, construction cost estimation, and more, there are several advantages of hiring ICW to create your digital elevation models and terrain modeling services.

  • Staff with specialist skillsets Terrain modeling is a highly specialist engineering discipline and requires a team trained to use advanced software and modeling techniques, such as handling GIS data and manipulating 3D images.
  • Licensed to use advanced software IndiaCADworks invest in licenses for software such as AutoCAD, Estierra, and Edificius, which help to produce professional, precise, and detailed digital terrain models.
  • Versatile service to cater for any needs ICW staff is experienced with most types of projects. For example, if you need accurate terrain contours that are integrated into a CAD design or model, this can be done.

Choose IndiaCADworks for Terrain Modeling Services Needs!

Whether you have a construction, infrastructure, municipal planning, or drainage project, IndiaCADworks offers a convenient, precise, and speedy service. Terrain models are usually produced ahead of schedule and undergo rigorous checks by senior staff to ensure accuracy and quality. Contact us today to learn more about ICW’s terrain modeling services and get a free consultation with one of our civil engineering specialists.

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