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Outsource GIS Surveying Services

ICW is a full-service, international outsourcing company. Among the many products and services we offer are those in the field of Spatial Technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We have both specialists and a technological infrastructure that have made us successful in this business. This makes us committed to international standards of quality.

One area of GIS that we have extensive experience in is GIS-based Surveying. Some of the projects we’ve delivered include Property and Utility Mapping, Geospatial Disposition of Electrical Infrastructure, Surveying of Fiber Optic Cable Layouts, Utility Asset Mapping with Consumer Concentration Indexing, Ground Survey for Laying of Gas Pipelines, and Cellular Antenna Radiation Mapping.

GIS Surveying Services We Offer

Following are some of the general types of GIS Surveying services we perform:

  • Base Map creation from satellite imagery, geo-referencing and overlaying the network map onto the base map
  • Entity data collection and geo-coding
  • Property Line Location and Boundary Line Determination
  • As-Built surveying using GIS technology
  • Surveying of Individual customer locations for an electric utility, based on the electrical system network and customer information
  • Archiving of land surveys, geo-referencing vectorization, plotting, and proof reading of old copy records
  • Utility asset mapping, coding and consumer indexing
  • Surveying utility cable routing
  • Preparation of detailed maps indicating geospatial disposition of electrical infrastructure, both existing and proposed

Benefits of Outsourcing GIS Surveying Services to ICW:

  • Our broad suite of GIS analytical tools means that we can provide any special calculations your project may require.
  • Our extensive experience with both 2D and 3D CAD systems means we can deliver GIS Surveys quickly and accurately.
  • We can deliver surveys in any of your company’s standard file formats.
  • We have a proven track record of delivering GIS Surveying services at the industry’s lowest cost.

Why You Should Act Now

GIS Surveying is a rapidly evolving science. Here at ICW, we keep up to date with the latest technologies. One such technology is the use of portable digital data collection systems in the field, where we can collect data from global navigation satellites and import the results, remotely, into a GIS database. Using this technology we are able to develop surveys with decimeter accuracy—and we can do it in real-time.

If your project calls for highly accurate digital surveys with fast turnarounds, you need to talk to ICW. We will help you stay ahead of your competition and maintain your strategic advantage.

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