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Outsource Photogrammetric Services

ICW is a global leader in the field of scientific measurement and remote sensing using Spatial Technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We employ the most talented people in this industry. On an average, our specialists have over 15 years’ experience in this technology. All of our product and service offerings have practical applications. We produce results that are innovative, efficient and cost-effective.

Typical industries we serve are Utilities, Land Administration, Geological Mapping, Transportation, and Location-based Services. One service that has found wide application among our clients is Photogrammetry.

Photogrammetric Services We Offer

The following projects are typical of the type of Photogrammetric Services we perform:

  • Planimetric Features Collection for Roads, Buildings, Railway Lines, Water Bodies and Vegetation
  • Highway Corridor Mapping
  • Updation of Existing Planimetric Data Using New Aerial Images
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Collection for Contour Generation and for Orthophoto Production
  • DEM Collection used to Generate Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models
  • Stereo Editing of LiDAR Points for Correction and Updation to Produce Higher Resolution Contour Mapping
  • Orthophoto Production and DEM/ 3D Collection of Aviation Features for International Airports
  • Cleanup of Satellite Tracker (iSAT) Images using Aero Triangulation and Bundle Block Adjustment
  • Creation of High Definition Digital Topographic Maps
  • Texturing of 3D Objects from AutoCAD Files using Photogrammetric Means.

Benefits of Outsourcing Photogrammetric Services to ICW:

  • Our Photogrammetry specialists have broad experience in several applications and enjoy working with the latest technologies.
  • If accuracy or terrain mapping is important to your project, you should know our photogrammetry systems can map terrain to within 2 feet of accuracy.
  • If your project has a requirement for high definition topographic maps, we can produce digital topographic maps with scales up to 1:100000.
  • Our expertise in 3D Modeling gives us unrivaled capability in the generation of Planimetric features for structures. This enables us to complete your project quickly and accurately.
  • We have accomplished Photogrammetric projects totaling an area of over 2 million square kilometers. No project is too large for us.
  • Our derived products go through a barrage of quality control procedures to ensure our clients receive the highest quality products possible.

Why You Should Act Now

If your company or governmental agency is considering a project that is an ideal application for Photogrammetry, but it’s on hold because of budget constraints, you need to talk to ICW. Although it’s true that few companies can match our combination of skill and experience in Photogrammetry, you will be pleasantly surprised how cost-effective our services can be. Act now before your project gets shelved permanently.

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