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Outsource Planimetric Mapping Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) provides planimetric mapping services in the form of the exact horizontal position of geographic objects, the high and low terrains, natural, and physical entities, etc. Our 3D planimetric maps include the topographic properties such as roads, building, and water bodies as required by the clients.

A growing part of our Geospatial services, ICW also helps in providing as much detail as possible on to maps by placing layers of information extracted through areal photographs making use of photogrammetric surveying process. Focusing on delivering accurate planimetric maps at the most cost-effective price, ICW has been assisting organizations in the sectors - Public Utilities, Urban Planners, Municipal Organizations, and General Mapping Agencies, etc. For any custom requirements specific to true polygon topology, hand-placed hydro centerlines, contact our geospatial experts.

Planimetric Mapping Services ICW Offers

We produce these maps for projects that only need simple horizontal representation of features on the earth's surface. Often these maps do not include other features such as roads, buildings and bodies of water. Some our typical applications include the following:

  • We have a great deal of experience digitizing Planimetric map data from aerial photography for use as a base layer of GIS.
  • We specialize in capturing natural and manmade features for comprehensive GIS solutions or for individual projects.
  • The maps ICW creates include true polygon topology.
  • We can add highway centerlines and waterway centerlines.
  • Ad-hoc spatial analysis of 3D planimetric data including the following:
    • Urban and utility planning
    • Transportation coordination
    • Industrial design
    • Terrain visualization
    • Logistics and security
    • 3D city modeling
    • Infrastructure management

Benefits of Outsourcing Planimetric Mapping to IndiaCADworks

With an inhouse workforce of civil engineers and experience in working on hundreds of land development and site planning projects, ICW offers numerous end benefits of outsourcing planimetric mapping services. The key benefits are as below:

  • Dedicated project manager - Our techniques and detailed project management systems assure consistent results and accurate deliverables.
  • All the file formats supported - We can deliver Planimetric Maps in your company’s CAD system standard file formats, either in 2D or 3D representation.
  • Assurance of precision at the best price - We have a proven track record of significant cost savings in delivering Planimetric Maps.
  • Includes manmade and natural features – Making use of photogrammetry techniques, we add more details to the maps.

Planimetric Mapping Services from the Geospatial Industry Leaders!

Planimetric mapping projects are often time-critical and understanding this, IndiaCADworks has a stringent process in place to adhere to the project milestones. When time and budget dictate project planning, ICW helps in assisting clients with precision and in-demand detailing of the planimetric mapping. Apart from land development, orthophoto production, or topographic mapping, contact ICW for professional planimetric mapping services as part of GIS services suite.

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