COBie Modeling Services

IndiaCADworks (ICW) has a specially trained team of engineers who produce accurate and detailed construction operations building information exchange (COBie) models. As part of our BIM services, ICW helps to capture all the important project data you need, including equipment lists, warranties, parts lists, maintenance schedules, etc, with COBie modeling services across the world, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. The detailed project information is essential for operations and facility managers and can be integrated into 7D BIM models.

ICW works with architects, developers, construction companies, quantity surveyors, asset managers, and other contractors to make sure that all the COBie data is captured at the point of origin. Our BIM facility management team is BIM experts ensuring the COBie data is structured correctly, making it easy-to-use and repurpose even after the project ends.

For COBie data and BIM models that simplify the collection, storage, and transfer of vital building information, contact ICW today.

COBie Modeling Services Provided by IndiaCADworks

The BIM specialists at IndiaCADworks are trained and experienced in COBie modeling services and offer a comprehensive range of 7D BIM services adhering to ISO, ANSI, BS 8888, and CSA standards using the latest software and techniques.

  • Merging COBie Data with Graphical Models ICW identifies the building data that includes multi-level construction components you need for facility management and maintenance. Our team also helps in integrating the information into CAD or BIM models.
  • COBie-standardized Documentation The ICW team creates spreadsheets containing building component details and system information, using the COBie data model to be referred and used in-line to the project timestamps or milestones.
  • COBie Database Creation ICW helps in creating and maintaining a database enabling facility managers in fast data retrieval and reporting during construction, operation, and project maintenance.
  • Develop BIM 7D Models with COBie Formatted Data Advanced BIM software such as Autodesk Revit is used to create data-rich 7D models using the COBie system for easy data exchange.
  • Create Architectural, Structural, and MEP Models Our team combines architectural, structural, and MEP designs with COBie data to make it easy to exchange and interchange information and data.
  • Produce Complete Project Data for Facility Management This includes part lists, count, maintenance instructions, technical details, and replacement and warranties – all extracted from the project model and documented for facility management.

Benefits of Availing Our COBie BIM Services

IndiaCADworks provides CAD and BIM services to companies and consultants worldwide, including full COBie modeling support for maintenance engineers and facility managers. Some of the reasons you should choose ICW to include:

  • Complete collection of all the data you need - ICW gathers and collates all the information you need in one place, storing it in a COBie data model ready for 7D BIM.
  • Full integration between COBie and BIM, CMMS and CAFM software - ICW engineers can integrate with different systems to easily and quickly share the relevant building data.
  • Get data that is easy-to-export for facility management - ICW ensures that all the COBie data is formatted and stored correctly, making all building information ready to transfer from BIM to CMMS.

Your Trusted Partner Customized COBie Modeling Services!

With COBie modeling services, IndiaCADworks assists construction firms, contractors, and their team of facility managers in operations, asset management, and maintenance. In addition to our BIM modeling, 5D BIM cost estimation, and 6D energy simulation modeling services, ICW can help integrate the Revit model and COBie data. Contact one of our specialist BIM engineers today for a free consultation.

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